Robert burns days jocks :lol:

whos having haggis tonight then???? i have some but im working until 8 and i dont eat when i get home so friday it will be for us :\( gutted i have to wait lol because i really could go some haggis neeps and tatties image


  • :lol: you are such a stereotype missy :P

    Only kidding! Happy Burns day to you too image I would love haggis tonight but the last time i had it is made me really sick, think it was too spicy for me or it could have just been because of the dreadful morning sickness. Might wait until this baby is born and have it image I love it too! mmmmmm haggis image

  • i know and a jock with red hair who would have thought :lol:

    need to get my net out to go haggis hunting anyway image :lol:

    hhmmmm yeah i would say the morning sickness would have done it lol
  • hooray!!

    Hubby is having a whiskey/burns feast for lunch with work so thankfully i dont have to make it...sorry-i just cant!!

    I was reading katie morag and hamish mchaggis stories to the children today so i think ive done my bit!!!

    x x x
  • Happy burns day Grudie,ladybird and all other Scots.........can i just say HUUUURRRRPPPPP at the hagis though! Although I am a veggie so it's bound to make my toes curl :lol: x
  • aw, we'll welcome anyone!!teehee!!

  • wwe had ours last night.yum.xxxxx

    happy burns day everyone.xxxx
  • Happy Burns Day!

    I wanted Haggis, but hubby said he wouldn't buy any food that had sheeps stomach in the ingredients! lol! xxx
  • it doesnt have sheeps stomach lol most people are actually surpried at how nice haggis is image

    em you get vegie haggis lol i was a vegie for 11 years and only last year gave it up man ive missed some stuff lol

    and homefairy your right we will welcome anyone lol...we even take Canadians image
  • Aw im stuffed after my veggie haggis, neeps and tatties lol. Have to admit im another one who has never tried "real" haggis cos I dont like the sound of it but my hubs is veggie otherwise we probably wouldnt have had any!!

    HAPPY BURNS DAY...well EVENING!! lol image
  • happy burns day from an honorary scot (live in scotland, hubby scottish, so I'm pretty much there!). We had a burns night at a friend's house on saturday so had both normal and veggie haggis then!!

  • i had heard of Nova-Scotia but didnt no it was named after Scotland

    i went to play hockey there when i was at high school and what a welcome i got,one host i stayed at their next door neighbour was playing the bagpipes for me image

    Love Canada
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