Does anyone feel they are wishing their life away?

At the start of my cycle I'm counting the days to ov, after that I want the two weeks to fly by and before you know it a whole month has gone by and all you've thought about is whether you're pregnant or not! I think I may go slightly mad if I keep getting BFN's!


  • Sorry, gatecrashing from the Feb forum, it doesn't change when you do get pg, all you want is the first 12 weeks to come.

    Good luck!
  • I know! And when you're near the end all you want is for labour to start, and then you want your milk to come in, then you want them to start solids. All I want at the mo is for my lo to walk......I guess I'm wishing her life away too.

    Congratulations by the long until 12 weeks?
  • i know exactly what you mean LisaMarie - before i got bfp i was counting my life in 2 week periods - 2 week to ov then 2ww. then i was wanting each week to pass so that i could get to 12 weeks but didn't quite make it (had D&C at 11 weeks).
    now i have promised myself that if i get pg again i will enjoy every minute of it - the time i have with little bean, complain about nothing and try not to wish the weeks away to 12 weeks! just got to get pg....!

    but yes, am now on my wait until i ov so i can start ttc again!!

    good luck hun xxx
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