Any BFNS before a BFP?

Hi, I stopped the pill in January and had a AF then cycles was 29 days, then got a BFP and then bled a couple of days after and then BFN(chemical pregnancy???) . That was 5 weeks ago- so this cycle so far has been 35 days and no AF. Done 2 tests and both negatives but worried about drinking etc while I don't know for sure. No idea when I ovulate so don't know if theres a chance.

Just wondered how far pregnant were you all before the tests showed positive? I've been feeling sick in the evenings for the past 2 weeks but no pain or anything.

ANy advice would be appreciated.


  • good post Katz I'd love to hear anyone's story too!
  • Hi - I tested on cd19 and got a BFN, but a BFP on cd22...

    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP's very soon...

    Sara x
  • i tested on day 27 of a 30 day cycle and got my bfp. :\)

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  • so do you think that I'm definately not? tests are definate negatives and surely by now it'd be positive?
    Will I be ok to have a couple of drinks tonight OH is away on a stag weekend and I'm going round to a friends. I'm not a raging alcoholic but do fancy one or two but dont know if I dare. Think my body is just messed up! AF is probably just waiting to ruin another night!
  • My af was 23 days late. My LMP was 13th march
  • hi

    came off pill oct, started trying end of jan. got a BFN on the sat (so went out boozing!) but next day was so dehydrated, even though i'd only had 3 halves of lager. after a week of constantlly needing to pee i did a test on the thurs and BFP. I had also had a very very light period this week too, mainly just spotting. anyway it all went wrong when i mc at 7 weeks. BUT my advice would be - don't put your life on hold just in case you are pg - i think this adds to the stress of it. just have a few beers and once you start you might not even feel like you want them anyway. me and my mate ended up sharing a half between us!

    good luck tho
  • hi when i got my bfp in january i was 5w+6d, the week before i had bfn then that week i thought i could see a very very faint positive. But then suddenly i had my bfp. Unfortunatley i mc at 9+5 so it is very posible to get a bfn then bfp it just depends on the strength of hcg in your urine.
  • i had bfn on CD 29 with CB. Last few cycles had been around 26 days but I know I ov'd late - around CD17/18. Got strange results on sainsburys tests on CD30 and 31 - couldn't quite tell if it was + or not. Didn't test CD32 as thought AF was coming, but she didn't and I got a BFP on CD33 with CB.

    Hope your BFP is right round the corner for you image

    Good luck, lots of babydust xxxx
  • I did a test 3 days before my AF was due and had a BFN then i tested 2 days after AF was meant to show and got a BFP!!!!!
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