We've told the parents!!

Well girls, i bit the bullet yesterday and told mum all about PCOS and that we were ttc with no luck. Hoping she'll tell dad!!! DH just gotta tell his parents today. Mum has been gr8 and has been looking it up on internet and ringing me with different things. Not spoken to dad yet so don't know what that'll be like!! Such a relief tho and no more sneaking around and lying. Yay.


  • Morning SLOW, I am glad your mum is being supportive and helpful. Do you feel a sense of relief that you have told her? At least not having to lie is one less worry.
    I started to talk to my mum about not conceiving yet and I feel so relieved, I also feel that with my Mum I know I can trust her 100% and although she is a bit of a worrier like me she has been soooo supportive and encouraging.
    I hope it goes just as well with DH parents, good luck x
  • glad your mom is been supportive and trying to help,hope your dad will be just as good

  • Well done hun - at least you can have doctors appointments without worrying about lying to your dad!
    All my closest friends know now - and it is easier when you have someone to talk to about it!
    Just hope your appointment goes well now - fingers crossed hun!

  • hey, am glad to hear that your mom is giving you support, it really helps.

    good luck hun xxx
  • Just got back from telling DH parents and they were fine. Dh mum is a nurse and just said its still early days and they can work wonders these days and his dad got embarressed and went to the loo! lol. Thanks for all your support girls.
  • Glad it went well hun! xx
  • Pleased its gone so well. I dont know what I'd have done if I hadnt been able to speak tp people about it. At least it should reduce the stress for you. Good luck!!xxxx
  • Soo glad to hear that everything went well. I'm sure it feels better now its out in the open & hopefully everyone will be able to support you too. Good Luck hun xx
  • Hi Slow

    We told our parents over the weekend about our problems the cyist and lap operation, it was such relieve to I have still got to my Dad though which will be difficult my mum and dad are seperated so don't think my Mum will do it for me unfortunately. At the hospital again today so the doctor can talk me through what is going to happen I have so many questions I need to ask I've had to right them all down. Xx
  • I didn't really tell my Mum or grandparents, it just slipped out in conversation. Only problem I found is that everyone asks everytime you see them. "Are you pg yet?" and it doesn't help as you feel dissapointed telling them. But then again I'm glad I did as then you can talk about it in the open and everyone has advice and support to give, which is great. Also by talking about it with my Mum, found she needed clomid to get pg with my older sister and stuff like that can be heridtary, so all good info to pass onto the doc.

    When I left my Nans on Saturday, she said in front of everyone as I had been away from home all week. "Time to go home and make a baby tonight!" I wasn't embarrased, but found it kinda funny!
  • well done slow! hope it makes it easier, good your mum's helpful! so far my relatives just keep saying 'well you haven't been trying that long, just relax'. yawn.
  • My dad hasn't said anything to me yet but i am pretty sure my mum would have said something by now.
  • It's probably just taking a bit longer for him to process it. xx
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