so, me and oh started tracking ov this month. all is going well, im heading into my 2ww. only now, im ill!!started yesterday, swollen glands, headache and a really achy body (to the point where i can hardly move) have got to go and see the doctor as i think i have a virus. im not too keen on taking meds if theres a chance of pg but i have to get better, how frustrating!! anyone else suffering?? xxxx:\(


  • Morning, I have woke with a really sore throte, headache and a uck feeling i also feel if i eat i am going to be sick image i have tryed eating but felt worse.....

    (((((hugs)))))) and rest.... hope you feel better soon xxxx
  • We're now in our 2ww, and i woke up with a headache and scratchy throat. Ive got a sore nose from sneezing!! AND tonight is our 'date night'!

    I might rush around tidying up everything and then i can go back to bed. Ive got some work emails so i reckon if i do them now i can get off with my plan!!

    Theres a thread right now about other people feeling poorly and what to take...i had to look, but i would have to go to the shop for things so i think its just bed and a dvd for me!!!!

    x x x
  • thanks girls, im glad its not just me!have been to docs, its a virus that has spread to my muscles. plenty of rest and fluids needed apparantley, hope you both feel better soon xxx
  • oh no, im just a rotten cold. i hope you feel better soon.

    x x x
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