new job?!

I have just applied for a new job! I must be mad, only got married 2 motnhs agao and moved house 3 months ago! and trying for a baby. think i like to be busy. well anyway its with the NHS so i know the mat benifits are no better than what i would currently get. so im going to speak to hubby later and think we should put ttc on hold for a month or 2 because if i fall pregnant (IF!) between jobs then i wont get any maternity money at all or it will be worse than what i get now. anyway im trying to stay positive about getting the job but as its at the county hospital there will prbably be loads of people applying and alot with more experience than i have but anyway can you tell im nervous? closing date is 3 days time so if i dont hear anything within the next 3 weeks then i didnt get shortlisted and i will stay at my currnet job.
i do hope i get it,such better oppertunities!
wish me luck!!
probably wont be on for a cople of weeks after tonight :x


  • wow you have had a busy time recently. good luck with the job at ttc
  • oh i'm always looking for a new job have got through to the last stages on the last 2 and are always timing applying around ttc!!

    Good luck honey!!!! xxx
  • Just to let you know iwantanotherpls, I work for the NHS and you are only entitled to the full maternity benefits once you have been working for them for 6months. It varies slightly from trust to trust, but where I am, you are entitled to full pay, less any SMP or MA for the first 8 weeks and then half pay plus any SMP or MA providing the total amount doesnt exceed what you would have received under full pay.

    Hope that helps, good luck with the job, and TTC of course!!

  • hi thanks for the info. i think were i am i have to be working for them for a year by time i go on maternity leave to recieve full benefit but this is ok. i spoke to hubby and have decided that if i dont get the job then i will stay were i am (i am happy its just i travel about 50miles a day) and we will carry on ttc so at moment we are on hold for 1 month!!
    im lucky enough to have a 3 year old to occupy me and maybe with less stress the whole ttc thing will be easier anyway.
    thanks for good luck messages image
  • i just wanted to wish you lots of luck with the new job and ttc
  • Good luck with the job. Sxx
  • Good luck ttc and with the new job, i also work for the NHS and if ur new to the nhs u have to be working a whole year to get full mat benefits, however u are entitled to full SMP if u have worked there 26 weeks by your 15th week before u give birth. I think its the same in most trusts plus if u work in the nhs now then it counts as continous service.

    Good luck xx
  • NB Most trusts say that you have to be working for the NHS for a year by the time you are 11 weeks from your EWC (estimated week of childbirth) which translated, is 6 months prior to falling pregnant in order to be entitled to the OMP (ordinary maternity pay). Regardless of where you work though, as long as you are employed by the time you fall pregnant, you will still be entitled to SMP which is 90% of your pay for the first 6 weeks, then I believe its approximately 20 weeks at a rate of 112 pounds per week.

    Let us know how you get on x
  • thanks for all the messages. i am working at the moment and if i do get the job then we will put ttc on the backburner foe a year anyway.(im trying to tell myself it will be easy but i dont think it will be,already told hubby i dont want to stop ttc and he said "that didnt take long,lol"
    so anyway i am happy in my job so im not too bothered,it would just give my better prospects for the future.
    thanks again everybody xx
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