my PMA is back!

hi girls,

jsut wanted to post something positive seeing as i've been very negative the past few days.

i have had 3 days of dips on my temps and am only 10DPO today. felt VERY strongly that af was coming yesterday, but not sign of her still. its too early anyway.

i am keeping my chin up and believing the phrase: "its not over till she arrives"!!!!

really, really hope my temps go back up tomorrow and i get my BFP on thursday! xx


  • yay! glad to hear u cheerful again! fingers crossed for thurs for u! and that is very true! not all over yet hun! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Glad your feeling more positive image

    PMA hun xx

    gems 3+4
  • Baby duuuuusssst !!

    I would like to join your postive feelings plz image
    I had BFN yesterday so I will have a postive feeling and just hope that it was early.
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