Can you still get preggers with no EWCM?


I don't seem to be getting any ewcm?? I do get cm but not the stretchy stuff! I am pretty sure I am past my ovulation date (1-2 dpo) now but no sign of it!

Can I still get pregnant?!! :\?

Mrs Cake xx


  • not entirely sure, i know you def need fertile cervical mucus to get pregnant but do you know you've def not got any? not sure how you'd tell for definate! lol i can see this being a big TMI thread!
    if you're worried about it you could try pree-seed or taking cough medcine
  • Hi!

    I'm no help, but wondered the same too! I'm about 3/4 dpo, had +ve OPK on Sat but haven't had any either. Or not that I've noticed!

    Any help appreciated!

    *MrsS* xx
  • I never had any so used Zestica and I'm due today! So I reckon the answer is yes image
  • The EWCM is the dissolving of the plug that normally blocks your cervix, so I think perhaps not. But on the other hand you may have EWCM and not know. It might all come out (sorry tmi!) when you go to the loo and you might not see it. Some people don't get much.
    Re: the cough medicine, make sure it's an expectorant not a decongestant one!
  • Thanks for the tips!
    TMI ALERT!!!
    I have got CM but it is not the stuff that you can stretch! It is more liquidy (new word there i think!)?? I do seem to have more of it in the run up to OV, in fact if felt as though AF was on the way!!
    Good luck babybarbarella!!
  • Mrs Cake.... I have asked this question before and the general response is that sometimes you have EWCM but you don't actually know. I am 2dpo I think and didn't seem to have as much as i normally get this month.... I think it varies a lot. Apologies if TMI but I'm also getting more of the watery variety this month,,, agree with you it does feel like AF... I have been on a severe knicker watch over the last few days!!!! x
  • Hi KK115

    thanks for being so honest as it makes me feel a bit better that someone else is in the same boat! It's not the average question you ask someone is it?!

    I am drinking loads at the moment too which is meant to help with CM so maybe that has something to do with it?!

    Well I guess we will have to wait and see,

    ARRHHH the 2ww is sooooo long!

  • Ohhhh I know... someone did mention that Pineapple Juice is meant to be good to encourage EWCM but to be honest I am trying to stay as calm (well as calm as you can be) about the whole TTC this time round so haven't bothered with anything. I hate 2ww.... my sanity slowly begins to diminish as the times goes by!!! x
  • I am trying to stay calm too so I've not done much apart from sorting of knowing my OV dates and BD'ng as much as possible!
    The 2ww is when I start to go a little mad! image
  • Hi KK155,
    Don't want to get your hopes up unnecessarily but I saw someone who got there bfp on here recently and she mentioned post ovulation she got a lot of watery cm!
    The sorry state that I am in was hoping for the same but I am 6/7dpo and have got the stretchy kind. Worried that might cbfm has not indicated correctly when I ovulated...
  • i have got the same problem. I went on google and it said that you can get pg without ewcm(?) it said that a few tips to increase it are to take evening primrose oil caps from begining of cycle to ovulation or take chesty cough medicine daily until ovulation. Im going to try both this month and see if there is any difference in cm for me and i will let you know if it works or not
  • Hi MrsCake,

    I dont get EWCM, just clear watery cm and I got pregnant last month, unfortunately it wasnt to be and I had an early miscarriage.

    I wouldnt worry too much about it, I did worry but know it can be done without having it

  • Hi please happen,
    thanks for your reply, sorry to hear of your mc.
    Really nice to hear that it can happen without the magical ewcm! I am going to try and not worry.
    Let me know how it goes sammie! I have heard grapefruit juice is good too!
    Baby dust to us all, ewcm or not! Xx
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