OV Symptoms - what are yours?

Hi all,

What ov symptoms do you get?

I have had a bit of an on/off headache last few days and feel like my body temp is rising. I felt really wet down below on sat afternoon and had lots of creamy cm (sorry if too much info)

I have nausea today and read that sometimes you can get this before ov. I haven't had a positive OPK yet and only have 1 left so guess am just going to have to have regular sex this month!!



  • Hi SD,

    I always get ov pain, it's like a cross between a stitch and af pain but only lasts for the day.
    I also get EWCM a day or so before.

    Last few cycles i've also felt nauseous and last 2 cycles I have actually been sick (nice!)

    HTH xx
  • Hi hun,

    Could you be pregnant? fingers crossed xx
  • hiya, i get ewcm about the same time as my positive opk (give or take a day) and occassionally i get a sort of shooting pain in one side. never noticed nausia but i get this quite a lot anyway! might have to keep a look out for this one in future! xx
  • When i got my bfp (ended in ectopic) I felt chronically sick when I was ov'ing. Never noticed before and not noticed it since.

    Now get a bit of a tug where it was when i ov.

    Sometimes boobs hurt a bit and lots of ewcm x x
  • Is it possible to ov and not get a pos OPK? xx
  • yes iv wondered this as i tested this morning and it showed i wasnt ov but iv since read u should test in the anoon??
  • I'm about to OV, got ewcm and tugging down below and I usually get a headache. Not sure about anyone else and possibly tmi but I also get quite randy when ovulating (ha ha!!)
  • yeah it is it might just mean your hormone levels are slightly different so the test isn't picking it up. they sell different sensitivities so might be worth trying a higher one if it doesn't show that you've ovd for a couple of months. i wouldn't worry now though. xx
  • I get quite a bad pain in my ov's, which makes it very hard to ttc!! i never get anything else though.

    Right before my AF i feel really sick, so at least i'll never symptom spot that one!
  • i get the lot. ov pains (for a few days and quite sore), i also get nausea and sore boobs.

    dotty i agree def more up for it then.lol
  • HAHA definately a bit more randy why OV!! I can't get enough of it at the moment. Gutted that hubby working til midnight - contemplating waiting up for him . . . .hehe.
  • I get really bad pains Lots of EWCM i feel sick also

    Between the pains and feeling sick i am supprised any one ever gets preg :lol:

    I have been feeling more randy this month have BD twice already :lol: getting ready hahahaha



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