Poll.. how long have you been trying??

I just wanted to started a poll to see how long you have all been trying for a baby......

I just about to start very soon...


  • Me and hubby are in our second month of trying, but i guess first proper month of really trying! I didnt realise there was so much to getting pregnant. Good luck everyone xxx
  • We've been trying for 4 months...

    L x
  • Well came off the pill about 8 months ago. But as for properly trying, I'd say about 3 months. This is because my cycles were all over the place. Just had my shortest cycle so far this month since coming off thte pill (with a little help with some agnus castus) x
  • We've been trying for 11 months. I came off the pill last march, and have been trying ALL SORTS of things to get pregnant! Will be going to the docs next month if nothing has happened.
  • 3 weeks for me : ) 1st month and very excited to do a test!
  • hi im with stace 25 3 weeks for me to and 1st month i know its silly but we are really hoping for a bfp next week. xxxx p.s we already have a 4 yr old boy. x
  • We are also in our first month, TTC for 5 months in 2008 after getting married but we bought a business and other stuff happened so we stopped....ready and very eager again now tho image x
  • we have been trying for 20 months but waiting for a appointment at the hospital to be put on clomid i have PCOS
  • Hi,
    2 months, though this is the 1st month properly trying.
  • this is 4th month ttc for us number 1, been off pill since end of june 09, recently found out got ill positioned cervix so may be why we havent got bfp yet x
  • 5 months, had a two month break in the middle due to chemo so 3 months really but five since we started x
  • Its nearly the end of our 8th month so hoping thats where it ends! image xx
  • June09 we started hope this is our month will find out this week.xxx
  • We have been trying since May 09
  • we've also been trying since May 09. Waiting til CD1 so I can get bloods done, as on CD83 today!!

  • we've also been trying since May 09. Waiting til CD1 so I can get bloods done, as on CD83 today!!

  • om my i am on CD68 today i hate AF has not turned up as i am TTC but if i was not i love it not being here lol
  • I'm on CD3 of our 4th cycle TTC. I know I'm being stupid but I'm really gutted as I honestly thought we'd have done it before now. I think the fear is starting to set in for me and I'm worried we might not ever get a BFP image
  • Hi Ianea

    Normally over in ltttc or ttc after mc but like to come back here & have a nose.

    If we dont get a BFP this cycle (currently CD30 of a 32 day cycle) then we will be moving on to month 17 with 4 mc during that time!!!

    hoping to have a shy sticky one!!

    Good Luck everyone xx
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