Advice needed - should i ttc now or wait another month?

hi everyone

have just finished first af since mc and now i don't know whether to start trying again or wait for 2nd af. any advice would be very helpful.

the only reason i'm thinking of waiting for 2nd af is because gp said to wait 3 months and if i did get pg straight away after 2nd af then i would be 3 months at ov time that month (does this make sense) i'm thinking (negatively i know but i can't help it anymore!) that if i do mc again then at least i can say to gp well i did wait 3 months. the last thing i want to hear is i told you so.

however that is the only reason for me to wait another month. dh is up for going for it this month but i'm still not decided. emotionally i feel ok except just been to visit sister and after spending 2 days with gorgeous 8 month old baby i have been crying all day today. before that tho it was a whole ten days since I cried about it all

please advise!



  • Hi spark, im so sorry to hear about your mc, it must have been awful for you. I think it would be fine to start trying now as long as you are emotionally ready to. Some health professionals will tell you to wait a while, then others will tell you to try straight away, its really up to you and oh. They also say you are more fertile after a mc, although i dont know how true that actually is. If you and oh are ready then i say go for it. Good luck with whatever you decide. xx
  • Hi Spark,

    It is really up to you when you feel ready to start ttc again. If you feel ready then theres no reason why you shouldn't start ttc again. Mc can happen at any time, no more chance if you try straight away.

    I miscarried at the end of Feb with my first baby, I waited for next af then started ttc after - I got my BFP on that next cycle - a few days ago. I'm terrified the same could happen again but fingers crossed this one's ok!

    Good luck and I hope we both have a happy and healthy pregnancy after mc. :\)
  • bellah that is fantastic news i'm so pleased for you!
  • hiya spark! ive missed u! we????ve decided to ttc again this month, actually my af came 28 days after my d and c so we waited till af finished and we are very exited again hoping we will get our bfp soon, my friend (she????s a doctor) advised to wait for 1st af and then to try if we wanted and felt ready so dont worry about waiting 3 months (im sure mc can happen at any time it has nothing to do with how long we wait) so we have to make the most of these months as it is true that we are more fertile after mc!! glad youre feeling better hun, i am too, i have the odd bad day and i will never forget our baby angel but at the same time will be looking forward to hugging him/her one day, somewhere!!

    whatever u decide to do good luck hun, i hope we both get our bfp again soon xxxxxx

  • hi amanda, i've been looking out for you too! know what you mean about the bad days. need to keep hold of that pma - wish you could buy it at asda tho! good luck for this month. my af came 36 days after mc and cycles after coming of the pill were 34-37 days so that's about right. fortunately dh has enough pma for both of us!
    take care
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