OMG Have I ovulated finally? CD 111?

Well, I've been charting the whole time since I came off the pill in January (minus the odd day here and there when I was away with my mum / sister and didn't want them to know about my taking my temperature). So it's always been erratic and only had the odd higher temperature, typically after drinking or a lie in or poor sleep. And this has been the longest cycle so I know I've not ovulated before. But last weds & thurs I had ewcm and my temp jumped on thursday and has stayed high - do you think I finally ovulated on CD111?? (today is CD 115). God fingers crossed I did!!

We BD'd on Weds & thurs so who knows I may even be in with a chance?! But for now, just to know that I actually ovulated would be a miracle! image

Can you look at my chart and see what you think?

thanks ;\)


  • Hi honey - looking at your chart I would say you haveimage The fact you had EWCM as well is a great sign I really will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    k xx

  • Thanks K-Lou

    I'm so excited by this!!! I'm praying I've caught or at least that next time will be quicker before I ovulate again - otherwise I'm only in with a chance every 4 months! That's only 3 times a year as opposed to 12 which it should be - way too depressing to contemplate!

    Anyway, thanks for looking at my chart and being so encouraging :\)
  • I really would say this is a very good sign though babe I will keep all my fingers crossed you will have your BFP soon but if not this month that now your body is sorting itselfs out.

    ;-) Keep smiling.

    K xx
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