There is pink when i wipe....... There is pink when i wipe....... :lol:

Only had the ever 3 times i was preg ALL 3
my boy i spotted/had AF till i was 25 ish weeks preg, My 1st mc i spotted after + HPT 2nd mc i spotted straight after + HPT

Quick slap me i am getting my hopes all up PMA PMA PMA PMA

i am 9DPO God i am getting excited i am going to slap myself :lol:
also when i tested this morning i looked at the test and thought i could se a REALL REALLY faint line but after 15 months i thought i was just starting to seee lines :lol: :lol:
:roll: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: image


  • Here is a big ole slap hun!

    Sounds promising though! S**t loads of baby dust coming your way!!!
  • wow wow wow i am soooooooooo excited for you wow wow wow ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    cant tell you to slap yourself lol but i really hope this is your month!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Gembags, thats sounding really positive hun and I am loving all your PMA babe!
    I really have my fingers crossed for you image xx
  • If anyone could see me image they would think i have a BFP :lol: :lol:

    I also looked at my diary and i had spotting at 9DPO on my last preg and a pos on 8dpo on a ebay 10miu image
  • can you take a pic of the test and post it? Have everything crossed for toy hun. I had implantation bleeding with my DD.x
  • I threw it away after 5 mins or i tend to look at them all day. I wasnt even sure there was a line i am sure it in my haed and AF is 5days Early ............
  • Aww hun hope this is it! I'm really excited for you!!!
  • aww hun, sounding really good keeping everything crossed for you.xxxxxxxxxx
  • wow babe i have everything crossed for you!! i really hope this is a BFP coming up and a super sticky one at that!!!!!
  • Go Gembags!!!!!

    Its sounding good hun, I'm getting excited.

    No slapping for you just rest, relaxation and plenty of tlc.

  • I'm not going to slap you pet! I'm going to send you a big virtual hug and say fingers crossed!!!! Can't wait to log on and see you post a definite BFP!! x
  • awww can't slap you in your (possible) condition :lol: sounds very promising hun!! Good luck x
  • Aw sweetheart i have everything crossed for you after 15 months you deserve this to be your month!!! Baby dust and pma a comin your way!! Keep us updated! xxxx
  • Oh wow!!!!! Are you going to test in the morning??? Really hope this is it for you.
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