2 days late and still BFN!!

I'm 2 days late, no symptoms apart from a ache on and off in my lower ab (thought I was about to meet af!) did a test but it was negative, i did it in the middle of the day so not concentrated U. Should I wait a few more day and use early morning U?? Surely on day 30 of 28 day cycle should tell me??



  • From what I understand, you can get false negatives, but not false positives. If it wasn't a CBD, you should perhaps use one, in a couple of days. xx
  • Hi when i had my lo i took a test the day after af was due which was negative i wasnt convinced and did one a day for a week until it finally came back positive. Could just be early days and not much hormones to detect yet. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • unfortunately it was a CBD! my favourite motto at the moment is 'we'll see'!! :roll:
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