How long till that AF appears?!? and goes?

Hey everyone!

I just wondered the average length of peoples cycles and whether people are generally regular or not?

I came off the pill Mid Nov and had first proper AF (after fake bleed) mid Jan. never been so happy to see it, feel I am back on track!

I have been on the pill for 10 years and before had quite irregular periods and so assume the same now. All advice to get pg seems to base itself on regular 28 day cycle and pre pill this was not me. What about everyone else? also can it change? I started pill at 19 now 29 and ttc.

Thanks ladies!


  • hey spring,

    i was on the pill for 7 years and stoped in sept.
    so far i've had long af's shortest been 7 days..heavy first 2 days then average. Cycle seems to be irregular at mo, 30-50days. I was 16 when i went on microgynon so i cant really remember my cycle length but i think it was about the 28 day mark and 5-7 day af.

    Thats the best thing about the pill, regular cycles and less heavy af...y cant i have both the pill and bfp! lol

    I dont think you can change it i think you'll have to ride this one out and hope bfp come soon, it's still early days you'll prob still have pill in your system.

  • def need to ride it out hun, i was on pill for 9 years pre ttc my first and it took 12 months for cylce to right itself the a further 3 months to concieve. this time i have been on pill for 6 months after having my son (9months ago) and im on cd 44/45 i think and still waiting. its irritating but it does settle eventually x
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