couldn't resist an early morning poas and got another bfn! so wish i hadn't done it as now i'm just really grumpy. last month cycle was 38 days which will be Friday so i guess i could just be too early but three cycles before were 28 days so i guess i was just hoping.

oh well back to the holding cell for me - can someone please just hold me back till friday???


  • oh bless you speckles. thinking of you... i'm not due till fri but did a test last sat!! thats bad. but there's def hope for you - maybe it's just too early?? i'm presuming mine are regular but they could be haywire after pill still and i could be imagining all these weird feelings! ahh it drives you mad doesn't it... xxx
  • exactly i find it really hard to be rational when you have no idea how long your cycles are. i have had some unusual moments this month like twice not being able to finish a beer and been really tired but then i've been quite stressed so that could be another explanation. oh well fingers crossed for the weekend. good luck to you pinkpink.
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