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Hi ladies`

hi ladies
well let me introduce myself. I have been a member here for quite a while but after having my dd didnt have the time but I am now back!
I am 26 and am engaged. I have a gorgeous daughter Sian who will be 2 this week. We have decided to try for baby number 2, I am very excited!
I stopped taking my pill on Sunday.
Sending baby dust your way and hope to get to know you all a bit better.

Cass xxx


  • welcome hun xxx i have a 2 yr old lil girly too called Anabel xx
    we are ttc for no 2, had a mc 3 weeks ago but cracking on ( if you know what i mean.)
    im 30 and married to my lovely man Mark x
    baby dust hun xxx what pill have you just come off of? x
  • welcome and thanks for the baby dust, I'm 32, married with a little boy almost 3 and have been ttc since May

    good luck to you
  • welcome cass hope its not too long before you got your bfp. look forward to getting to know you xxx
  • hello and welcome back

    good luck x x
  • welcome back hope you get bfp as soon as possible image
  • Thanks ladies.
    demelza2001 I have come off cerezette.
    We are hoping for a BFP before April as we are getting married in 2012!
    I managed to get my BFP with my daughter after 6 weeks of trying but I have a gut feeling it wont happen so quickly this time x
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