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I have also posted this is TTC after MC but I thought this group was a bit busier....

Okay so I am 5 weeks post mc at 17 weeks pregnant. I bled for about a week or two and nothing since. Yesterday I went to the toilet and when I wiped I had this sticky stringy stuff and there was a tiny speck of pinky blood in it... When I went to the toilet again later on I had some more of the stuff (not as much as before)... was this CM? If so how long before AF does it come?

This afternoon I am curled up with really bad cramping... but no AF....


All I want is AF t turn up so then we can officially start TTC....


  • I didn't want to r&r...I can't really help but it does sound like AF is on it's way.
    Get a hot water bottle for a bit of relief.
    Take care xxx
  • Hi Mrs J - firstly, I'm so sorry to hear about your mc. It sounds like you could be OVing - the stringy CM could be EWCM - this normally stretches between your fingers and is kind of clear coloured - is that how it was? Sometimes it can have a bit of pink in it around OV and the cramps could be OV pains too? Normally CM tends to dry up as you get near AF hence why I think maybe OV but everyone is different. Hard to tell as obviously with the mc your cycle could be all over the place - it may be the start of AF or OV it's hard to know...sorry I can't be more definite!!.x.
  • I am very sorry to hear about your mc at 17wks. Absolutely heartbreaking for you hun. I had a mmc at 11wks and that was a nightmare, I cannot imagine what you must being going through. All I can tell you is it does get easier with time (hard to believe at this point I know) and I know deep in my heart something must not have been developing right for my mmc to happen. I come on this forum as I find reading the ttc after mc too upsetting sometimes, this one gives me more hope and pma. I hope you find the same, the women on here are lovely and although I'm jealous I love reading all about all the bfp's as I know it'll be me one day soon. :\)

    Back to your question. I agree with trixie Mrs J, it could be ov cm, I had a d&c and I did have the cm about 2 weeks before my af came I think, I don't recall if it had anything in it though (flex of blood or not), saying that I have had some brown in my cm before oving before so that could be what you're seeing. I have a 26 day cycle so for me that cm 2w before af was about right. So depending on your cycle I would expect af to show her face in the next 2-3 weeks unless you're bding and then maybe you'll get your bfp. Some women can conceive quickly after mc, sadly not me.

    This is my third round of ttc after my mmc - hopefully this month will be the charm.

    Good luck hun.xx
  • Thanks everyone, I just want the wicked witch to turn up so we can TTC. We agreed to wait for my first AF before TTC as we didn't want to throw my body too far out. Least if we had a date to work from then it might be easier. We actually agreed to wait til we see consultant which is in 2 weeks time so I guess I will be right and have both at the same time,

  • So sorry about your m/c hun, that must have been heartbreaking to you. I had one at 5 weeks and that shocked me to the core so I can't even imagine how you must feel losing your LO at 17 weeks....

    Like the others, I'd say you're ov'ing, which is great! I had my m/c at the beginning of the month and I think I ov'd too last week as I had EWCM and can't wait to get back to normal again. It was important to me to go through one cycle without ttc so now I feel I can move on but I'll remember "little bug" on 6 November.

    Keep us posted and hope you get your BFP soon!
  • hiya sorry bout ur m/c hun, hope your ok, it sounds like EWCM, so if ur wanting to ttc straight away, then i would say get BDing. (((((((hugs))))))))
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