AF arrived + at home alone +watching wedding DVD = :cry:

Well after really getting my hopes up for a BFP this month I'm back to CD2 as the witch got me last night. :cry:

Got a phone call earlier saying the finished copies of our wedding DVD were ready to pick up so now I'm sitting at home alone cos hubby is out at the gym and I'm watching the DVD and crying like a baby!

Somebody please give me a slap and tell me to pull myself together! xx


  • Are they happy or sad tears, or a bit of both? You're allowed to be emotional!! It's also a good release, so grab yourself a choccie biccie, and boo until your heart's content x x
  • I feel for you MrsRobinson.... just new to the site but been trying since May with no joy! I get really down around af time..... but just think you could possible get a nice BFP on the 14th Feb now wouldn't that be a nice little valentines gife for you and your hubby x
  • I think you need a hug not a slap!!!
  • Awww thank you for the nice replies! Hjanea I definitely need a slap - it's not a delicate little ladylike tear in my eye - it's a snotty, wailing tear fest! xx
  • so sorry to hear that mrs robertson! if you need a slap then i think most of us do when we get our af too! its such a let down even if you didn't really feel like you'd done it. i've found i wallow for a couple of days then snap out of it at move on to the next month!
    hope you're doing ok xxxx
  • I love a good snotty, bogie-fueled blub when hubby isn't here. It means I can get all my grumps out of the way, and not take it out on him - probaby for the best really!! I am a professional cow when I am grumpy/hormonal/tired/pmt-ish/all of the above...
  • Ahh Mrs Roberston cry your heart out you poor thing..i'd be exactly the same (and probably will be tomorrow!)

    I feel guilty for encouraging you with your SS last week, although I'm the one who needs a slap as am convinced we've done it this month so will be devastated when AF catches up with me. Was tempted to test early, but did this last year, got my bfp and then had a chemical prgnany which was even worse so am determined to hold out till I'm late..if i ever get there.

    Sending you big hugs..and lots of baby dust for next month. Best have a big glass of wine in compensation, thats what I'm planning to do when she catches
  • Ahh hun, get it out of your system so that you can have loads of pma for a valentines bfp for your hubby. (((((hugs)))))) xxx
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