I'm coming back!

Hiya - I doubt most of you would remember me (popsicle81) - there might be the odd 1 or 2! Hjanea, grudie?

We had our beautiful little girl just over 4 weeks ago after 2 yrs of trying for her and we've had 'the talk' and decided we want a little brother or sister for her as soon as we can!!

To say I'm excited is an understatement!! image So even though I suggested we start ttc in March/April so that if we are super lucky and get a BFP early their birthdays wont fall close together (we conceived Amber in Feb), I'm going to go to the Drs once we're in the new year and get checked out to make sure I'm ovulating this time and if not - I will get strated on my medication again to get me ovulating as long as the Dr gives it the ok!! The only slight concern I have - is that I had to have a C section to give birth to Amber so I wonder if my scar needs a bit more time to heal before I try to have another pregnancy - not sure how long I should give it because of that but hopefully we should be able to start ttc really really soon.

I cant actually believe Im saying it - we're back to ttc!! And this time Im not going to stress about it and we hope it doesnt take as long as it did last time as we know what was wrong but if it does we'll just take it as it comes and have fun trying!! image



  • Good Luck ttc and have fun ttc
    I am sure i have read ur posts while nosing through posts

    Gems x
    month 16
  • Congratulations on your little girl and welcome back to TTC image x
  • Congrats hun and welcome back hope you get your next BFP quite quickly, fingers crossed for you xx
  • Hello A, and welcome back!
    Hope you've had a lovely christmas with Amber.
    Looking forward to chatting again.
    ps what happened about that job interview?
  • Hi girls!

    Helen - I noticed from your other post you have heaps of PMA for this month. You stick at it and you will get there - roll on 8th of Jan for you!!
    They phoned to offer me a job interview for the lab technician one which is the one I really wanted while I was in labour image and the date was for the following Monday!! So I had to phone them back and tell them what the situation was but that I was still really interested. The lab manager phoned me back after they'd done all the interviews and said that unfortunately they had to appoint a candidate but that they were impressed by my application and that she expected the post to become available again (dont know why) in the near future so they would contact me for an interview when it does!! So it might just work out for the best if Im lucky enough to get it then because Ill get chance to have more time off with Amber - fingers crossed it all works out :\)
  • Hi hun, welcome back and good luck, hope you get that BFP really quick xx
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