I hate my body!

This is cd6 and af seems to have settled in for the long haul. No signs she is letting up AT ALL!!! But just to add to my misery, I am having early pg symptoms! I have been absolutely shattered for the past few days, (almost fell asleep on the sofa earlier!) I am feeling nauseous today and have actually rushed to the loo once as was convinced I was gonna hurl. My tastebuds are playing up too, as have gone off coffee and tea, even the smell makes me feel queasy. :roll:

Im totally fed up with this now. Its not funny anymore!! :evil: *stamps foot in diva-like hissy fit*

Hope everyone else is doing better than I am. xxx


  • Am also wanting to scream. Went to docs this morning for a blood test (due to no af since stopping the Pill) and the nurse jabbed THREE times before getting the vein. I'm in agony.
  • It's such a bitch that AF side affects are so similar to PG. Why can't they be totally opposite? It's so cruel.
  • Ah honey i am sorry you feel liek this, I bleed for 6 days on and off, it never stopped slowly it just stopped? So this could happen to you as well.

    I really hope for you that AF stops soonimage

    Flush you poor thing hun ;-( what did they say about you not having one since coming off the pill?

    K xx
  • ouch! poor you Flush! I hate needles as it is, so if she had jabbed me three times I would have grabbed it and jabbed her! lol!
    lula, I agree totally! This af is the worst one EVER. I usually get short tempered b4 af and for the first couple of days, but dont usually feel this bad. I went to bed early last night too, and still Im wilting!
    And last night I went out to feed my cat, and he had killed a little chick. I had to fight back the tears as I got really emotional! I wish I could just go and lie on a tropical beach somewhere for a month and just let all the tension and stress wash away. x
  • When the nurse said she was having problems 'finding the vein' I wanted to point out that a) she should locate it BEFORE sticking the needle into my arm and b) that it was the long blue thing running down to my hand...

    But I know that sarcasm to people with sharp objects is not advisible!

    Just have to wait and see what the results say. Although she did recommend putting on weight and suggested lots of cream and eggs. So strawberry pavlova for me - on doctor's orders!
  • Hi babybump4 - sorry to hear you are suffering with af. The gyny I saw yesterday warned me that first af after mc is usually heavier/longer as the womb lining is probably still a lot thicker than normal after mc. Hopefully it is going to help your body be prepared to conceive next cycle! Fingers crossed.
  • Thanks klou, hope thats the case with me! image x

    BabyB, I was expecting to have a heavy af than normal (even tho my doctor didnt warn me! Grr!), but wasnt expecitn it to be this long! :roll: Im usually light for a day, heavy for 2 with lots of cramps, then the 4ht is light and the 5th just kind of tapers off to nothing. So this one is weird. Not even as heavy as 'normal' af, and no cramps either! Just a kind of steady 'leak' with no end in sight. :lol: x
  • babybump - keep your chin up!
  • Thanks hun! image
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