advice needed from some ttc experts :\)

Hi ladies, very new to all this ttc. With my lo I was very blessed and concieved straight away so never needed to really ''try''. Me and the hubby have now decided to try #2 and its all very confusing! lol firstly I read somewhere on a normal 28day cycle u ovulate approx 14days after 1st day last period. Im currently having first period (sorry tmi) after been on pill for yr and have been bleeding 7days and still ongoing?? does this mean i will ovulate later than 14days or is it possible to stop bleeding then ovulate say 2days later??? :\? ......also bought some ov sticks of ebay which have come with no instructions, they look like preggy tests? will i just pee on them and if 2lines im ovulating??
sorry for the blonde questions.. :lol: any advice appreciated.
Nic .xxx :\?


  • Hi hun,

    Firstly, OV occurs 14 days before your next period and has little to do with your last period! So yes it is possible to have your period and then OV 2 days later. You would then expect AF to arrive 14 days post OV so you'd have a short cycle!

    With your first cycle i wouldn't bother with OPKs as it could be expensive. I'd look out for ewcm and cramps etc that suggest OV and then test 2 weeks after this and hopefully you'll get a BFP. If you don't, count back 14 days from the first day of that period and that will give you a better idea of when you OV. Then you can start using OPKs around that time hence using less OPKs image

    If you really wanna use OPKs this month then i'd start using them around cd10 unless you notice symptoms before then you can test just to check. OPKs are actually more accurate in the afternoon so don't worry about fmu.

    Now a positive OPK is hard to read! Without going into the hormones it tests, basically it does look like a HPT except you will always probably get what looks like a faint positive as you always have the "OV hormone" present in your body. You need to look out for whether the "test line" gets darker than/ as dark as the "control line." When using a HPT they usually tell you not to look at the intensity of the lines but with OV tests it's crucial!

    You should BD when the first line (test line) gets dark as this indicates your about to OV and it helps to have spermies up there as soon as the egg is released! BD on this day and for a couple of days after just for luck :lol:

    Good luck!
  • Hi Keri-Anne, thanks for reply. Think ill just start BD as soon as AF leaves then just to maximise chances. 5-6 days thats pretty impressive, ill have to watch it tomorrow.x
  • ahh 14days before next one! this is where im getting mixed up! Thanks Lady2188. and that makes more sence with the ov sticks! pee'd on one just to see what happened an i got two lines but the first one was really faint, so i now know to look for it getting darker.
    I love this site image) xx
  • Hi Nic,

    Its good to test from now until you get your high and then until it fades so you know the range. Ovulation could occur on any day many people have posted about ovulating on day 10 to day 18, day 14 is very much the average and well not everyone is average!

    Good luck
  • Can I just add that a 14 day luteal phase is also only 'average' and many of us on here have shorter or longer ones so you can't rely on that solely to conceive. If you did you could miss ov completely by starting to bd too late in your cycle or stopping too early. Ov tests are definitely the easiest way to get it right! All the best of luck x
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