Getting a bit fustrated

Evening Ladies,

Hope your all well today? Getting totally fustrated....I tested earlier on 12DPO and got a BFN. I am now at 14DPO and AF still has no signs of showing her face. Been checking my BBT religiously every morning and it rose again today....36.9, it hasnt been that high since I started taking it and still hasnt gone below the coverline after I ov'd on CD 12/13. I no after a mmc, your cycle tends to be totally all over the place but surely if I've gone 14DPO there should be some sign of AF.

I have a few pregnancy symptoms but again they could be AF. Boobs feel huge....actually feel like I could give Jordan a run for her money and are hot to touch! Been getting very dizzy, so dizzy that I was washing the dishes the other day and I dropped the glass in the sink and it shattered! Been slightly more tired than normal and since yesterday been I've had nausea on and off. Also had a lot of creamy CM (sorry tmi!). I also had some really bad cramping around DPO 8/9.

OH and I have decided to wait until next week to test again (if AF doesnt show first) and I didnt test until 5 weeks with my mmc and a positive came up straight away so I was thinking maybe the test isnt very senstive. I was as regular as clock work before mmc and this is my first cycle since so I didnt think it would happen straight away.

Just wish AF would show so I new where I stood instead of sitting here like a lemon not knowing! I hate been a bloomin woman at get it so easy! Rant over, needed to get that off my chest!

Lots of Luck to you all

E image x
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