I have my referal!

All booked today, my appointments on the 2nd july, so not long to wait!!!! Will finally get some anwsers as to why i keep mcing......so glad something is finally being done!!! imageimage kim xxxxx


  • Yey woomummy!!!! Have a donut on me xx
  • oh kim im so please for you, at last they are going to give you some answers are you going to ttc this month or leave it now until you've seen doc? you must let us all know the outcome lots of love xxxx
  • U found it...didnt joo eat it?!? God never thought id be so excited to have a doctor looking at my lady garden!!!

    Il keep trying twizzlepie, i dont want to go bk onto contraception its taken 13months to get it out of my body....took me 5months to get pg after my last mc, so not expecting it to happen yet anyways image
  • Hi woomummy sorry to ask such a personal question but how many m/c have you had ?
  • i had my 2 boys fine no problems but since ttc my 3rd ive had 3mcs...one in november, again in december and my 3rd was 3wks ago..xxx
  • I can not even start to imagine what you are going through.
    I had a m/c in October it was twins I was absolutly devestated.
    Anyhow i have recently had blood tests because i have had previous dvt.
    They have come back positive. The doctor is 90percent sure i have hughes syndrome (sticky blood) It will be confirmed this week with more tests that have been sent to manchester.
    One of the sypmtoms of sticky blood are reoccurant m/c.
  • Yay good luck honey! why didn't u text me???!!!! hopefully u'll get some answers and ur much deserved bean!
  • Its good you have your appointment and you haven't needed to wait a long time for it. Hope they are able to find a quick answer for you so your next bfp will stick.
  • Pleased it'll be so soon Kim.Hope they are able to help. Good luck!!
  • Great news kim hopefully july will be a lucky month for us. xx
  • Just wanted to echo the above - not long to wait at all now, great news.
  • Hey girls thanks for all your msgs, i just think its so sad that they make u go through mcing 3x until theyl look at u......nevermind, the good think is i am being looked at now and hopefully i will never have to go through it again, heres to my next bfp, may it be a sticky one! xx
  • Good luck Kim, really hope you get some answers and get it all sorted out. Heres to us, and some sticky beans very soon! xxx
  • Aw Kim that's really great news, hopefully you'll get some answers and some help so that your next bean sticks. Only 3 weeks to wait!

    Will be thinking of you hunny xxx
  • Kim - so pleased to hear about some action being taken. You'll let us all know, won't you?

    We're all keeping our fingers crossed for you x
  • thats great news kim im so pleased you dont have to wait months i hope everything goes alright for you x x x
  • Thats great news hun - keep me posted!

  • Great news hun, hope things soon get sorted for you.
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