No Xmas Pudding for me :cry:

AF got me this morning so I wont be getting a christmas BFP this year :cry: On to month 17 for us!

I feel so stupid for thinking that this month could actually be the month.

Glad I have got the day off today because the pains are killing me :evil: Going to find OH now and get some cuddles before he goes to work and try to find some PMA for next month :\( xx


  • Oh no!!!
    Don't feel stupid-one month it WILL be the month.
    Sending you a big hug.
  • Broodybeth that well and truly sucks! Lots if hugs coming your way xxxxx
    I'm with hjanea on this one- no reason at all to feel stupid. If I see the big beardered man I'll ask him to send you a new year bean xxxx
  • Aww please dont feel stupid, you have nothing to feel stupid about hun.

    Never in my life did i realise that ttc would be so difficult, but we will all get there eventually, try not to lose your pma! Easier said than done I know that all too well.

    Sending hugs your way xx
  • I'm so sorry BB.... wrap yourself up warm, stick a chickflick on and crack open some chocolate...might help a teeeeny bit.

  • I'm sorry that AF got to you this month; does this mean the possibility of a Christmas day conception for you?

    In the meantime, MrsPP84's advice sounds like a good plan

  • Oh Beth, hun, I am so so sorry to hear that.
    Really really hoped it would be your month. Feeling upset for you.
    Have a really cosy day with bad food and lots of cuddles form your OH.
  • aww hun, i really hoped this was your month. do what pp says, curl up eat rubbish and watch a disney movie always does the
  • Sorry to hear that the witch got you this month - hopefully you will get a new year bfp
  • hope u get your new year bean, it's hard not to get your hopes up, i was only 'officially' trying for the first time last cycle and i managed to pretty much convince myself that i had got lucky and had caught first time, how wrong i was, so please don't feel
  • Hi BB, im really sorry....just keep warm, eat some choc, put on a chick flick - it will keep your mind of it xx
  • Thanks ladies. I had a cry to OH this morning, not just about TTC but I'm feeling better. He made me a fish finger sandwich and has just gone in to work for a few hours, bless him.

    Luckily I have got to stay in waiting for someone to come and sort the internet out so I get a lazy day anyway, the only downside is I had to get dressed after my shower instead of putting clean pj's on :lol:

    Thanks again for your kind words ladies, I think this months AF arrival has been my worst for some time.

    Lots of luck and baby dust to all of you x
  • Oh BB she is been such a bitch this month.........damn her!!!!!!!!!

    Like i said to mrslolly, keep that PMA up and enjoy your last quiet Xmas as you will get that bean in 2010!!!!!!!! xxxx
  • OH hun she is so mean (((hugs)))
    Good Luck and you can enjoy xmas x
    Here's to a 2010 bean xxxx
  • Sorry to hear that BB, roll on 2010.
  • Hi Beth, glad I am not the only weirdo who likes fish finger sandwiches!!! ... Sorry about AF just try to enjoy the party season with your husband, who sounds lovely!
  • Hey sweetie, I know it feels crap, a heeeuge glass of wine (or two) usually does the trick! (((((hugs)))))) xxx
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