How good....

... are the cheap e-bay tests? I got ten yesterday and am fighting the urge not to use them all at once :lol: AF is due on Monday and used one yesterday and one this morning - no surprise that they were both BFN. Has anyone had a BFP with these tests and when did you test?

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  • Hi,

    I used one of these yesterday after I had a BFP on a 1st response (needed to double check) - I was 13 dpo and to be honest the line was so faint I question whether it would have even shown up the day before - I would suggest using either a different brand if your testing earlier, or wait until sat/sun to test again. Easier said than done I know for us POAS addicts.

  • Thanks Milton and big congrats on your BFP - yay! This is my 3rd month ttc so hopefully I'll be in your shoes after 5 months too! I'm 11 dpo so probably testing too early. Need to control the urge to pee on the remaining 8 sticks when I get home!!

    It sounds awful but I have a party on Saturday night and wanted to know by then so I'd know whether I can have a few drinks or not. Will be so pissed off if af arrives on Monday and I've been the designated driver again!

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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