anyone had cervical polyps?

i used to LIVE on here, but had to come off a bit as i was driving myself crazy. I am wondering if you can help though as i really need a hug right now, ive gone and got myself freaked out!!!

Just been to the Dr as ive got irregular periods and ive been bleeding in between and next Wed im getting a 20 min nurse/Dr test to check for cervical polyps. Ive not found a lot of stuff online, if any one knows about this could you tell me please as im a bit worried.

Does anyone know if its just like a smear? Ive had that before, but only ever with a nurse, im not sure why the Dr is doing it?

Thank you so much.

just a very worried Home Fairy!!

x x x


  • Sorry hun i have no idea but sounds like something where you would have a camera to check? Maybe check with littlewolf as she always seems quite knowledgeable about these types of things? xx Hope all goes well x
  • Hi

    I had a cervical polyp about 6 years ago. They discovered it when I was having a smear test.

    When I had it removed it was similar to a smear (speculum etc) and they just sort of twist them to pull them off. (sounds worse than it is!)

    They then send them for biopsy.

    Hope this helps.

    Sam x
  • Hey hun,
    I'm a gynae nurse so see cervical polyps a lot!
    Firstly, do not panic!
    Cervicl polyps are just like a "skin tag" which some people get on different parts of their skin, but in this case they are inside on your cervix.
    The doctor will have a look with a speculum (like when you have a smear), and they can be twisted out pretty easily - this is painless in the vast majority of cases. The polyp would then be sent to the lab to check its not abnormal, but this is just routine - it is very very rare that there is anything wrong with them, its just one of those things women can get from time to time.
  • thank you!! you are all so kind!

    i didnt ask any questions at the Drs, then got out and worried myself silly!!

    thank you.
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