Been in hiding

Hey girlies

I decided to take myself off for a few weeks and not been on BE since. I was having a crap time. AF came at 39 days so was sure i must be pg as was very late. Cycle been very erratic so I went to doc. been TTc no 2 for 9 months and been very irregular. thought they would say go away and come back in 6 months, you already have one so you can do it!! They were fab though. Sending my to a gynaecologist to have a scan to see if all is well ( as the found cysts on my ovaries during my first pregnancy).

I had a positve opk this month for only the 2nd time in 9 months so i am thrilled and hoping that it might happen this month we bd every night for 5 days bang on schedule!!!! TMI i know, and last time i got pg was in july too!! However something if obviously not right as I dont seem to ov every month and am very irregular.

Anyway onwards and upwards. i hope some of the ladies who were so kind to me in april may time are now off to the pG forum with helathy bumps but if you are still here like me, i hope things go well for you soon! A massive thanks for all of your support while things have been tough. I know above all else i have a healthy 2 and a half year old so i am luckier than mnay ladies!!!



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