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Think she could be on her way

Well girls I think the witch could be on her way. I had a little brown spotting today (never had this before) and quite achey and boobs keep throbing although these are not usual for me before AF (I usually have sore boobs about a week and half before but no cramps she just arrives) I just have a gut feeling she is gonna be with me very soon!!!! I hate my body at the mo!!! Oh well day 52 and I just wish she would come so we can try again as cant wait to make my baby!!!!



  • ((hugs)) hope she arrives quickly so you can get back to ttc
  • Oh Rache, I know what those long ones are like honey. When ttc two weeks feels like months so when you have to six plus weeks between each visit it feels like a lifetime!!! Have you been to the docs at all, might be worth a visit, even if they do a blood test to check everything is ok. It won't do any harm.

    I hope the old hag does visit so you can move on and try again. xxx
  • I had blood tests about 2 months ago and doc didnt say anything was wrong - I have another docs appointment on mon night so I will see what they say!!!
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