I have just had one of the most relaxing hours of my life!! I've just had reflexology and would recommend it to all you ladies who are ttc.It balances your hormones and is a great stress reliever for all of us that are trying to take our minds off ttc or waiting to test!! Hope everyone is ok today?x


  • Hiya, I also have reflexology sessions. I time each session around ovulation time to boost my chances of catching the egg. I started last June and I love it. Half way through my session I really relax and by the end I am exhausted but feeling so chilled. I would recommend it to anyone ttc also. Hopefully we will both get our BFP's soon? Year on and still waiting image How freaky would that be though LOL
  • Ooo, that's good to hear. I have been tempted to try it for ages.
    Just called a local beauty salon and it's ??30 a session and they are open late on Weds and Thurs so I might bite the bullet and give it a go. xx
  • I'd say do it,you'll love it!! I actually fell asleep for a minute or 2,so that's how relaxed you get!!
    Good luck to everyone.x
  • I am a bit of a chatter box when I go because I can't fall asleep that easily but few times I have closed my eyes and drifted off. Normally I talk to my relexologist about how many people have fell pregnant and who's going through IVF. It's really interesting. Before I had my mc back in Dec she picked up that I was pregnant from my feet!!! Amazing how she does it. Babydust to all xxx
  • I love reflexology! It's great during pregnancy and also for starting labour too. May treat myself to a session come to think of it. x

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