What could this be???

Well all day i have had brown discharge (not spotting) in my underwear and earlier when i wiped the loo roll was a yellowy brown colour. Usually when i wipe there is no colour to the toilet roll.

Could it be discharge or implantation bleeding? I think it may just be me getting my hopes up, i am on a downer atm!!!

Tink xx


  • dont want to get your hopes up unnessaserily but with my first i had one day of af cramps and brown discharge. keep my fingers crossed for you hun.xxx
  • Thank you angel100 - please dont laugh at me but what dpo are we on :lol: :lol:
    I am having a blank and i know we Ov'd on the same day. I really hope i get my BFP as i am convinced i wont have a baby

    I know it sounds silly but did you ever (maybe this is just me) think when you were younger "ooh i could never imagine having sex or driving a car or living alone". I thought all of those things and when i had sex, passed my test and bought my own house i was so proud that i had managed to do all these things i thought i would never do. I hope that doesnt sound silly - my mum reckons i am loopy lol!!

    I just could never imagine myself been pregnant and been a mummy and because i want it so bad and it doesnt happen straight away it kind of makes me feel like i am letting myself down and not achieving what i want to.

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