is it 7-10days after AF?

How many days is it from first sign of af for ovulation to take place? Is it around 7-10days?

Just need to know as 7 days is this evening, cant miss any days out of important UPS!


  • generally you ovulate 14 days before your next af is due so for instance if you have a 28 day cycle then you would ovulate on day 14 and your most fertile days would be cd 11, 12 and 13.
  • It's usually around 14 days hun but it really depends on your cycle xx
  • sorry im not up to date with the latest abbreviations! Whats cd?

    ok, dont know where the 7-10days came from then lol! I never used to write the dates my AF due date, but for the last 4mths its every 28days.

    just found a gd link which gives a rough guide to ovulation dates...

    Next wkend, my hubby will be in for a surprse lol!

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  • it means cycle day hun. So if you have a 28 day cycle then i would say that you would ovulate on day 14 so your fertile days would be about 2/3 days before ovulation, the day you ovulate and the day after 'just in case'. I also get ovulation pains just as i start to ovulate, they are all in my lower back towards either the right or left side and actually quite painful sometimes lol x
  • Thanks Sammie image

    Since ahving my lo i think i must get pms as I get easily wound up by little things my husband does. Making it up to him with sex im sure he will love!

    In the past i have cycled every 30-32 days, so how do i work out the ovulation days. Is it as simple as halfing it, so it would be around day 15-16 ovulation?

    With our lo we were only using contraception around ovulvation, but the 2nd month my cycle must have been longer and we conceived.
  • It's usually 14 days before your period, so if your cycle is 30-32 it could be day 16-18 when you OV. it depends on how long your Lutual phase is though x
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