sex in the 2ww?

Hi girls,

Firstly I hope you all had a lovely christmas. Joined a couple of months ago but haven't really been on much sorry. Got a bfn this month but have ov'd since a couple days ago so fingers crossed!

Was just wondering... Will having sex affect chances of a sticky bean or not? I know it is probably the stupidest question you have ever read, but just want to be reassured really.

Hope you're all well and baby duse to all xxx


  • Woops, sorry bout the typo - meant baby dust and not baby juice as it probably reads! Although baby juice does actually sound quite good! hee hee! x
  • I would of thought it was OK hun.

    Good luck

  • No it won't make any difference lovely xx
  • don't think it makes any difference, tho sometimes we stop coz we're so tired out from doing it non-stop!
    btw if you have typos you can go back and edit your own posts
  • am sure it doesn't make a difference, the baby is nice and safe and they say that it is only male ego that makes them think that they are big enough to harm a bean :LOL:
  • I have wondered if having an 'O' whilst on 2ww is a bad thing as it may disturb implantation????
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. It's one of my new year's resolutions to not just be bding all the time but to enjoy time with just hubby as well if you get what i mean! I can get quite obsessed about bding at right times and think I need to chill a bit and actually have sex at other times too! Sorry if this is too much info!

    Take care girls and all the best baby dust for new year 2010! xxx
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