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Pregnancy Tests - False Negative?


I was wondering if someone could help me...

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 6 months now and i am now 3 days late. I have taken two Sainsbury's pregnancy tests and they have both come back negative.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I think i will leave it for a another couple of days and if my period still hasnt arrived, ill take another test but i just wondered if any other girls out there have had false negatives on their pregnancy tests before? Specifically Sainsbury's?

Im hoping and praying that I am pregnant!!


  • I've not used Sainsburys so can't shed any light but I've certainly got my fingers crossed for you x
  • hello and welcome to BE.
    Do you know when you ovulated? If you ovulated later than normal you might not be officially late yet...
    Can't say I've had much experience of tests, I know it takes some women a while to get a positive.
    This site is excellent for all HPT questions:
    Fingers crossed for you
  • Thanks guys.

    I just dont want to go out and get another test incase it comes back another negative... but it is very strange for me to be late which is making me a bit excited!

    But the 2 negative tests has deflated me a bit.

    I have no incling that my period is on its way at all so all my fingers and toes are crossed.

    Thanks for your replies though - ill be addicted to BE from now on i think!

  • Hiya, I have had false negatives but only when I've tested before my AF was due. The ones taken after have always been accurate, I have taken a Sainsburys test and it showed quite quickly that I was pregnant but I was 4 days late. However it does all depend on when you've ovulated. I'd leave it a few more days before testing again and use a first response test as they are very sensitive xx
  • Not happened to me, but I have heard stories about people whose hormone levels are just slow to rise at the beginning

    Fingers crossed for you!!

    19+6 x
  • hi hunn not used the sainsburys test im affraid but i didnt get my bfp till af was 17 days late i was testing every day too im 32 weeks now so was deffinatly pregnant
    good luck
    claire x
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