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Just back from the doctor

Pretty much as waste of time going to see her today. I could have done it all over the phone. She too thinks I could be 10 weeks, I've to call back at 3ish to arrange for a scan. I dont know why she couldn't have done it when I was there this morning, seems a little daft to have to call back to arrange it, why the hell couldn't she do it while I was there, silly woman


  • I think she was just being awkward to be honest she's an old bag!!!!!! I've never really liked her so was gutted when they told me my appointment was with her.

    I'll let you know what she says when I call her back

  • Well thats what she was saying to me this morning, but because she thinks I may be 10 weeks (I really dont think I am tho) she would rather I was seen sooner than later, and if she writes to them it can take anything up to another 10 weeks. I dont think she knows what she's talking!!!

    I'll keep you posted

  • Got an early scan on Thursday at 11.30am
  • I know I should maybe take it back at least she sorted something out for me
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