How long has everyone been trying?

Hi i was just wondering how long everyone had been trying and has it been a smooth ride?
I came off the pill the end of august 2007,fell pregnant straight away but at 12week scan i had , had a MMC ,had D&C and had to stop trying for a month ,after a month was 3 days late did a DCB was pregnant again but came on 6 days lata.while all this was happening got told i had a cyst on my ovary. 2 weeks ago had the cyst and ovary taken away,i can start trying again in 4 weeks and i cant wait.

Just wondered how everyone is getting on...



  • wow lilymc, it sounds like you have really been through it! We got married in aug 07 and gave up contraception then and started trying but were both very ill (long story) so didn't really put much effort in (if you know what I mean !!! :lol: ) so have been trying properly since xmas. Becoming less laid back about it as the months pass though!

    Sending you lots of sticky babydust xxx
  • Hi Lily,
    I had my non hormonal coil removed mid December, so we started the unprotected way straight away :LOL:
    We live in America now but i had been in the UK for a wedding so got it taken out there then flew back here... we then flew to the UK again to get married then had a honeymoon and then came home so we have taken 5 Long Haul flights since which i am sure messes with your system.

    so i am on cycle 3 since staying on one continent for long enough - he he. My doc here says nothing to worry about it can take up to a year for the body to sort itself out and be ready. x

    I am sorry you went through a MMC and the cyst.. i would say prepare yourself to not expect to be pregnant straight away (easier said than done) but that way your PMA will stay intact - good luck xxx
  • We're on month 5 now - however 2 of those months weren't really 'going for it' - if you know what I mean?!

    Defo 'going for it' from now on and starting to become frustrated!!!

  • i was tryin for bout a year but ad a missed m/c also but we are trying to get preg agen read my post plz all welcome to join and rite wat helped you to get pregnant
  • 10 months all together, 6 months not trying propley but 4 months trying propley like with ov sticks and dates, if you get me lol x
  • Thanks for the replies,its been tough but cant wait to start trying again.xx

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  • hi i came of the pill in august following surgery for my endometriosis, found out in january i was pregnant but mc at 9+5 in feb, had a chemical pregnancy this month so i hope all our next bfp's are sticky ones xx
  • I had mirena coil removed sept 07 then we started 'trying' in November 07 so its been 6 months now but I think thats because we have been so relaxed about ttc no.2. x
  • sending you lots of sticky baby dust girlinleeds xxx
  • wishing everyone luck xxx
  • Hi, ttc second since May last year. Had MC in Dec. AF did not arrive for 94 days after. This was my first month on here + doing ov poas.
  • we've been trying for 6 months.
  • First month.x
  • Hi there, I had me non-hormonal coil removed in Jan 07. I had no periods at all until July! I then had another in August then nothing til November! We decided once i had my period in November we would try for a baby as the doctor could find nothing wrong after running loads of tests. I couldn't believe it when i have a positive pregnancy test at the beginning of December! I didn't think it would happen due to all the problems! Baby is due in August image

  • I came off the pill at the end of Jan so third month for us but first month that I think we actually bd at the right time! x
  • i came off the pill in october 07 and began unofficaly trying then. november was the offical month and was lucky to fall pg, but sadly ended in mc after a car accident on christmas eve. Since then we've been trying again but cycles are all over the place- but have now been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid so hoping once thats sorted everything will fall into place.
    so thats 7 months for us. xxx
  • Two attempts at artificial insemination via donor. Timings have been spot on both times, but no bfp!
  • i'm back on here after a long break. came off pill last march and ttc until september last year. then got new job and wanted to wait until i got three months full pay so can't start trying until end may (5 weeks to go) we've had to be very careful as would not go back on pill - it took so long to get it out of my system and cycle back to normal. i'm now bakc at 28 days. however had a couple of drunken nights where we weren't so careful this month so although i'm desparate to be a mummy - kind of hoping we haven't got this close to the full money and then miss out by a few weeks!!! i know that sounds a bit harsh but money matters at this time of our lives and i'm not sure how we would manage financially if we didn't
  • I hear you on the money Speckles! I started my job in November, i took a bit of a pay cut but I wanted a stress free job. I'm soooo happy now it was so worth it! I firmly believe if I'd have continued to work at my old work place ttc would have been a completely different matter! Were saving for my sisters wedding & a holiday for Mr G's 30th then after that for a new flat & hopefully I'll be preggers!x
  • hope the IVF goes well 4 u .xx
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