I promised I wouldn't...

Well after my last post saying I didn't think we'd done it this month (just a gut feeling) I've now started symptom spotting!! Naughty naughty!!

Yesterday and today I've had af type cramps, only mild but enough for me to think that my af was about to start. Thought nothing of it at first but then realised af isnt due until next weekend! I'd be 7 dpo today (possibly 8 I'm not sure). Would that be right for implantation? Don't want to get my hopes up but can't help it!!

Was quite hormonal yesterday, moods were all over the place which really isnt like me. My (.)(.)s are sore but think thats because lo was using me as a climbing frame in the garden today!! :lol: Although I noticed this morning that my nipples were sore...before he climbed all over me.
I'm really hungry all the time as well, and my cm is...well its strange for me. can't really explain it but its not like what I normally have at any time of the month!!

I'm exhausted because lo hasn't been sleeping very well, so kind of expecting it to just be my body playing tricks because i'm tired, but can't help but hope! My cycles have gone irregular over last few months so I can't decide when af would be due as to when to test. Am hoping I can just wait it out...

On the other hand I googled implantation symptoms and found a random forum where a woman was saying all hpks and blood tests said bfn and they eventually scanned her and said she was 5 months preg!!! There's hope for us all!!! image


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