7DPO.. What do you think?

Hi Lovely ladies,

I've just been for a pee and there
was quite a lot of light pink watery cm...( where else but here could I feel comfortable writing that lol!)

I wanted to cry thinking af was arriving a week early.. Then I thought, hold on... Could it possibly be implantation bleed? It's month 3 for me and I've not had this before...!!

Don't want to read too much into it.. But am a tiny but excited now ;0)



  • Hi hun, i dont want to spoil your excitement but ive also had this from cd7, now on cd10 and still have it but now it seems to be getting more red so im certain that for me it means AF will arrive any day now!! Some women do have IB from around 7dpo so i really hope this is the case for you! Good luck hun, im keeping everything crossed for you. xxxx
  • fingers crossed it is a IP spotting x
  • Thanks girls, I'm trying to stay positive but realistic... It's so bloody hard lol!

    I guess it will be what it is and I will just have to go with the flow..

  • Thats the attitude Shirls!
    Ive been on a complete rollercoaster this 2ww, am i, arnt i, every day, its driven me insaine! xxx
  • Lol... I'm with you there Hun.. Thought being off work this week would chill me out but I've been even worse....aaarrrggghhhhh lol!

    When is af due for you? Xx
  • Im due fri/sat so not too long to wait!
    Ive ended up with thrush now just to add to the stress!! lol. xx
  • Oh what joys us ladies have to deal with huh?!

    Remember you aren't out til the witch actually turns up... Xxx
  • I know, im allways telling everyone else the same thing but i have 5 children and each pregnancy has been exactly the same so i really dont think i have much of a chance now! Never mind though i will be armed with my cbfm next month lol xxx
  • 5?? Wowzers.... You go girl lol!! I'm ttc for the first time..total novice lol!

    Well FC we both get our much wanted bfp's soon!

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