Cerazette wanted!!

Hi ladies, i know this must sound like a very strange thing to post on the ttc forum so i shall explain!! lol.
When we started trying for baby no 5 my daughter (age 13) drove me mad and kept asking if i was pregnant yet!! :roll: This time we decided not to say anything but she straight away noticed that my pills were no longer where they have allways been and kept asking if we were going to have another baby!! :roll: so to stop me going completely insaine having her constantly asking me ive been pretending to take them!! God the things we do whilst ttc!! :lol: The thing is im on my last pkt of cerazette so ill need some more soon! I could go to the docs and get some but it seems like a waste of docs resources (would also seem strange as he knows we are ttc!!) lol. Does anyone here have any spare packs that are no longer need that i could please have, it doesnt matter if they are out of date (i obviously wont be taking them!) lol.. Im very happy to pay any postage. Many thanks to the two lovely ladies on here who sent me some pks last year. :\) Thanks for reading! xxxxx


  • Hay hun i threw mine away but ur idea is fab image and made me giggle image image image

    gems x
  • He, he, im glad it made you laugh!
    I cant believe the lengths i have to go to!!!! lol.
    How are you gem? xxxx
  • Im good Thanx

    How are you? Did u have a good xmas and NY??
  • I think there's the off chance I may have some more (think I held back a pack just in case) I'm now 14 weeks pg so if I can dig them out they're yours lol I'll have a look tonight and email u if I find some : ) x
  • Thank you soooo much michmummy, that would be fantastic, it would certainly save me explaining or making up excuses!! lol.
    Hi gem, yes i had a fab xmas and new yr thanks, im just sad that its all over for another year!! I love the whole xmas thing! lol. xxxx
  • Debbie

    Just wanted to say hi hun, havent spoken to you in ages, hope your well.

    I only post in ttc after mc & ltttc as dont know many people over here any more apart from you & Helen.

    Anyway just wanted to say hello & hope things are good for you, hope you manage to get some pills xxx
  • I have half a packet if that is any good?!?! :lol:
  • Hello laujai, im fine thank you!
    How are you, did you have a good crimbo and new yr?
    I know what you mean about not knowing anyone on here now, sometimes i feel like ive just joined!! lol.
    I really should join you over in lttc!!
    Hows the snow where you are? xxxxx
    Thanks magpie, im sure id be able to use them!
    If you click on my email button and email me your address i can send you a stamped addressed envelope! Thank you xxxxx
  • You could always say that you've changed to the injection!
    Or have an empty pack but in the box, or would your daughter go to the length of opening the box to check? xx
  • I don't have that brand, but I do have 1 packet of Brevinor (think that's it) if that's any help to you?
  • Oh what a shame. I changed from Cerazette back to Brevinor on 29/12 so threw 3 and a half packets out. Very good idea though!x
  • Hi hun,

    Xmas & NY was surprisingly good thought it would be harder. How bout you? Were still waiting for last lot of blood results for recurrent mc they seem to be totting up at the moment, 4 now in 13 months!!! Everyone on Ltttc is lovely, as im sure is everyone here I just dont have that same excitement about ttc that I used too so makes sense to post with others who understand what a rough road weve had so far.

    The snow started last night & is still going,is it bad were you are?

    Nice catching up with you again hun, always try & look out for you & the few others that are left! xxx
  • I have about 6 months worth of cilest!
  • G/C From due in Aug

    Hi Debbie! I'm miss you!! How are you? The snow is amazing, just like when I was a kid! Not good on the roads though I know.

    Hope your well
  • Thank you ladies for your offers and advice! xxx
    Hi Claire, where have you been??
    Ive missed you too, i have emailed you a couple of times. Hows everything going, i know you were a little worried?
    Im ok although im having a very long cycle at the mo, im currently on cd42!!!! I have no idea if ive even ov or not as i ran out of cbfm sticks and dont have any spare cash after xmas to buy any cheapies!!
    Anyway enough of me!! lol
    When are you due to have a scan?
    Keep in touch Claire, lots of love Debs xxxx
  • hi debbiemc, if you cant get hold of your cerazette, get some small pills (ie, hayfever tabs) and put them in a plain pot saying you have changed your tablet type, hope this helps chick best luck xx
  • Hi deballen, thats a clever idea but i think she would be suspisious (spl?) Shes a clever little no it all!!! lol. Thank you for the idea though. xxxxx
  • Hi Deb,
    yeah it was a bit hairy at times but everything has settled down now thank god. I go for my booking in app tom at the hospital I presume they will let me know my scan date?
    I can't believe how long your cycle is hun, have you had it checked out with the docs??

  • Hi Claire, im so glad to hear that everything has settlesd down with you and bean! Pregnancy is a wonderful experience but its also a very worrying time too!
    Oooh your booking in apt is tomorrow, how exciting!! They might give you a date for your scan or they may just post you a date, thats how our hospital works! You will have to give them all you medical history, yours and also some family medical history, you will need to pee in a pot and also have your blood taken. I hope your not scared of needles!! lol.
    Im so excited for you, let me know how you get on!
    Lots of love Debs xxxx
  • Hi, just found this post and wondered if you still needed cezerette? I have 2 full boxes that I found in my drawer whilst I was re-organising after Christmas if you still want them? Otherwise, I shall be taking them to the chemist to dispose of. I don't want them nowimage Let me know.
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