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Pain whilst BD ??? TMI ALERT

Hi ladies

I have noticed over the last 3 months that when I am OVing I get pain whist we are bding ??? TMI coming up its not when it first goes in or cos its dry its really weird its like its my cervix as it only hurts the further it goes in and obviously whist moving, its like a dull ache in my belly but further down obviously where his nob is (so sorry but there is no nice way of putting this) lol.

Does anyone else get this ??

Or is it something i should go to the drs about ? Its not enough pain to stop :lol: but it still does hurt.

Any advice would be good apart from not doing it lol as im oving at the moment xx

thanx girls xx


  • I cant remember its been sooooooo long, sounds like cervical position though.. I dont know about you but im very in tune with my body right now and i symptom spot about every little ache and pain.. If it gets worse id go to GP!! Lucky you geting a DANCE in the first place x hope you get Big Fat pos this month
  • I think cervix is low around ov so could be that he is actually banging into it which can be quite uncomfortable. I used to get that now and again. As long as its not too uncomfortable i'd grin and bear it as it means you are bding at the right time!!!!
    If you are worried talk to your gp
    Best of luck
    Lisa xxx
  • BE ate my post!! I get this when he goes really deep. Especially (sorryTMI) when he is behind me.
  • Yeah i no what you mean miss impatient ... lol
    Thanks girls at least its not just me.

    Pavs I will do it again tonight just for you pmsl xx
  • Yeah I get that sometimes - especially when DH gets a bit carried away and goes hard at it (sorry! no delicate way of putting it!) or if he's behind me. Maybe when that happens you could try slightly more shallow penetration and see if that helps?

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