Has anyone had this before? Pregnant but negative HPT?

Hi ladies.
Just to recap my story so far this cycle. Normal cycle length is about 35 days. Started using CBFM this past cycle but got to day 28 and still no ovulation detected (not even a high) so I assumed I wasn't ovulating.
Then on CD30 I think I saw EWCM but not sure.

Anyway fast forward 2 weeks, I am now CD48 and no sign of AF. I have had period type pains for 2/3 weeks, back ache, sharp stabbing pain in abdomen and very slight nausea in early morning and late evening. The past 5 days or so my nipples have been so sore I can't touch them and my nipples have actually grown!! (feels and looks rather odd), So I have done about 8 HPT - all negative.

Well since I'm now on half term (ii'm a teacher) I went to see nurse yesterday who said she thinks I'm pregnant and has taken blood to check and I should find out tomorrow or monday.

But my question is has anyone had or know anyone who has been a few weeks pregnant and still not get a positive test result? The nurse gave me mixed messages saying HPTs are 99% accurate so it's odd, but then saying I have all the signs. Even my husband has commented that I have "pregnant boobs" and he usually doesn't notice anything!

So I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much and was wandering if anyone knows of this happening to anyone else, or what else it could be?

Thank you for listening - don't know what I'd do without this site!! xxx


  • hiya, cant really be of help but i hate to see no replies. maybe you could post this in pregnancy too, the ladies there may be of more help? good luck for tmw, any chance is good xx
  • Thanks for replying Kaiti. Good idea about the pregnancy forum - shall give it a go image x
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