If AF wasn't here...

... i would be soooo sure i was pregnant!!

It is so weird because obv with the amount of bleeding i have had and the pains i know there can't be a bean in there but i just "feel" pregnant.

Achy legs
Achy hips
sore boobs
very veiny boobs for the first time ever
weeing a LOT
sleeping a lot, i am napping every night before bed and then sleeping the whole night through
back ache
indigestion like you wouldnt believe
the other night i cried at eastenders because the dog was whining at the dead body image

I know all pregnancy symptoms are also AF symptoms but i just HAD a feeling this month and i was obviously wrong.

Tink xx


  • Ahh Tink, AF is a nasty witch! Sending ((((hugs))))! But the bright side is you can have bd'ing as soon as AF has gone and get a christmas bean!!!!

    Sending lots of babydust and pma! xxx
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