FOA Annette

Hey Honey

Hows things? I havent been on for a while.

jen xx


  • Hi Jen,

    Well to be honest don't think things could get much worse, as you know I have got to have my fallopion tube removed, thats booked for 4th August, then we have been put on the waiting list for IVF.

    And to top it all off hubby is being made redundant.....

    How are you doing?

    Annette xx
  • Not great either. My Mums not well so running back and forward constantly. Cant get a job. And my oh was in a car accident last weekend with his work van which is a right off.

    Any idea how long the waiting list is for IVF? Got my lap and dye on the 31st July but worried in case af arrives and im gona have to reschedule! (Just my luck).

    As they say things can only get better!

    jen xx
  • Dear Both, sorry to gate crash!
    Annette - I am sorry to hear things are not going brilliantly at the moment. Good luck with your appointments and I really hope you get a BFP before that and that everything works out for you and things start looking up.
    Jen - I had my lap and dye last week and just to reassure you it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be and I am recovering well. I must say the main thing that made me anxious was that AF was due that week (although I was hoping I would get my BFP) and I was told that if AF is here at time of the procedure they would need to reschedule. Well I had brown spotting the night before and then again that day but I was told that was okay and as long as it wasn't red they could poceed - hope that's of some use to you. I did spend most of that morning going to the loo to check if AF arrived!! What did p**s me off was that they knew AF was due around that time so why book it for then!! Anyway, musn't grumble too much as so far the NHS have been quite good to me (touch wood)!
    Take care x
  • Lets hope things can only get better Jen Xx

    Don't mind you gatecrashing, did they find anything when you had your lap and dye done? How are you feeling now how much time you having off work?

  • From what I recall I was told the lap and dye went well and no blockages etc, however I think I can remember the nurse saying there was something in my uterus that may not be helping with TTC . Although I am pleased about the lap and dye I am confused and can't stop thinking about the hysteroscopy results. Basically, this info is what I recall as I was coming round from the anaesthetic and by the time I was back on the ward which was at the end of the day there was no Drs/Consultant to discuss it with me and hubby other than nurses who couldn't tell me anything! When we called the hospital they said I need to wait for my appointment to discuss, I spoke to another lady that said she would see if it was possible to bring forward the appointment as I could be waiting weeks to discuss otherwise! I may have to put pressure on my GP to help! I am trying to look at the positives but really don't know if what I remember is even real and if is the extent of the problem if any!!
    I took one week off work as advised by hospital and I feel physically okay just a bit bloated and can't walk too fast, can't sleep on tummy or for too long on my side!
    In the meantime we will keep on trying the natural way x
  • I like a gatecrasher lol!

    Thanks for the info, my oh seems to think il be fine by thursday night and back to work on Friday lol! Glad it went ok.

    jen xx
  • Oh good and I am glad I can be of some help. You may only need a few days off , but I did have 2 procedures in one go so maybe that's why I needed a week. I have just looked at the lap and dye info sheet I was given and it says it 'will take 3-6 days to recover and we advise you to take a week off work if necessary'. I wouldn't rush yourself and I would certainly advise you take it easy for the next couple of days after, just listen to your body as it is important for you to recover properly. If you can make the most of your OH looking after you for a little while!! Best wishes x
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