crampy pains

hi all. can anyone shed some light on these crampy pains i have been having, iv had them for about two weeks non stop. they are constant though and not painful but i can feel them. do you think there is something wrong with me down there? does anyone else have these? i took a pg test on friday but was a BFN!! but not due on untill tomorrow so i know i did it too early. the only other symptoms i have are feeling a little sick but not often at all and tired but only when working. i dont think my chances of being pg are very high as didnt bd much and only came off pill end of may. i dont need a wee alot and my boobs feel fine apart from a little bit sore but nothing i dont normally have. i just worry about the crampy pains coz if im not pg then i think theres something wrong x x x x


  • hey, i had the same thing and went to doctor and turned out i had a urine infection, but i was also peein alot. its also a symptom of ov but as your due on tomorrow its not likey to be that. it is a symptom of early preg and as you did test early theres still a chance you mite be. i would go to doc 2mro and tell them your tryin and they can at least check you over. good luck! x
  • Hi. If you are really worried, you should go to the dr. On the other hand when I came off the pill I had lots of twinges and aches, never experienced before. It could just be the pill getting out of your system, and your body getting used to being without it. xx
  • hey hun. i'd go to the doctor and rule out a urine infection. it might just be your body adjusting to coming off the pill though but worth getting it checked out to put your mind at rest xx
  • It could be your body adjusting to being of pill or a sign of your AF coming. I had lots of new odd symptoms my 1st mth of pill that I had never experienced before. If you are concerned go to the docs and they can put your mind at ease. It could be a urine infection but usually that either makes you wee a lot or causes pain when you are urinating! Trust me - I have had lots of them!
  • thanx all. i dont think it is a urine infection as i suffer from them way too much and i know my bladder. it deffinately feels like period type pains but iv had them for two weeks now and my af is due today. i will wait another week then go to docs. thanx for advice. maybe it is just symptms of coming of he pill. x
  • I had them for 2 weeks before my 1st AF too. At least if it arrives you will have an idea what your cycles are doing - but it is not iver until she arrives so you could also be PG! Good luck my fingers are crossed xx
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