Lumps on Cervix

Has anybody had this I noticed I had one small and not painful on the tip of mine but today noticed another one. Have done a load of searching on google and most say this is normal has anybody else had this?

K xx


  • Hi hun, didnt want to r&r but I have no idea. I am to scared of proding around for my cervix.
    I dont do pain and discomfort "OUCH!!!"
  • Thanks babe - no pain or anything I only really know they are there because I felt them. I still have no ewcm and am getting a bot fed up now, just want to know where I stand you know.

  • Hi K-lou
    I haven't noticed any myself but when I was reading up about checking your cervix it said that you might notice little lumps and that they're nothing to worry about. They're called nabothian cysts and they just come and go as new cells grow. hope that puts your mind at rest xx
    ps i know what you mean about wanting to know where you stand - i'm currently on cycle day 57 on my second cycle since coming off the pill! image
  • Thank you sweetheart ths helps so much image I was not too worried but you do wonder eh? This is sooooo nasty but when I come on my own before we have sex it;s then EWCM but I only have it then does that still count??

    K xxx
  • I dont think so, the same book i was reading said you have to learn to see the difference between cervical fluid and i dont know what they called it now, but your own lubrication (!). if you notice ewcm at other times then it's definitely cervical fluid - this is gross but i find the best time to see it is after you've done a no 2 as it seems to push it out - you'll notice it on the loo paper. sorry that is definitely in the realms of tmi!!!! or if you notice it when checking your cervix. don't worry though if you don't see any, not everyone gets enough to notice it. xxx
  • Oh right I see, it;s driving me mad as my cervix is high for three days I had OV pains though not had any today yet there is still not much cm and it's defo not EWCM image

    I don't if I have OV or not. I did however bd monday tuesday thursday friday and today ;0)

    k xxx
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