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this list must be levels for every test on the ma

I had no idea there were this many tests!! This is a handy post to keep bumped up girls i reckon.

mIU/ml hCG Brand
Contact Information

15 - 25 mIU First Response Early Result
20 mIU Aim MID-OTC
20 mIU AimStep PBC
20 mIU AimStick PBD
20 mIU One Step hCG
25 mIU Answer Early Result 1-800-833-9532
25 mIU Clearblue Easy (U.K.) 0870 5673514
25 mIU Clearblue Easy Earliest Result
25 mIU Confirm 1-Step 1-770-582-2222
25 mIU Crystal Clear (Australia) 03-9844-4695
25 mIU CVS
25 mIU Day Seven (CDN) 1-800-667-1197
25 mIU Early Bird One Step (U.K.)
25 mIU Health Check 1-800-482-2907
25 mIU Insta Test
25 mIU LifeSign 1 Midstream 1-888-357-9399
25 mIU LifeSign One-Step 1-877-227-3543
25 mIU One Step Be Sure 1-800-854-6226
25 mIU Pregnosis (Australia)
25 mIU Puralin One Step
25 mIU Rapid Self-Test (U.K.) 01204 362236
40 mIU E.P.T. 1-800-378-1783
40 mIU First Response (U.K.) 01303 221686
50 mIU Boots (U.K.)
50 mIU Clearblue Easy (U.S.)
50 mIU Early Pregnancy Test 1-800-899-7353
50 mIU Hannaford 1-800-899-7353
50 mIU Predictor (U.K.) 01480 421817
50 mIU Reveal Midstream (U.K.)
50 mIU Rite-Aid 1-800-899-7353
50 mIU Selfcare 1-800-899-7353
50 mIU Target 1-800-899-7353
50 mIU Walgreens 1-800-899-7353
100 mIU Answer
100 mIU Conceive
100 mIU Equate (WalMart) 1-877-227-3543
100 mIU Fact Plus Pro 1-800-367-6022
100 mIU First Response (U.S.)
100 mIU Precise
100 mIU Qtest
150 - 250 mIU Fact Plus Select

Please Note:

Generally, tests rated to detect the lowest hCG levels should be able to detect pregnancy sooner than those rated for a higher level.

The above chart is the manufacturer's claimed sensitivity, not test accuracy. We did not do a laboratory analysis of the tests.

The information above, while believed accurate at the time of publishing, this information is subject to review and updating.

If you have a test to add to the list please do so here.

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  • This is very handy so thought i'd bump it up!!

  • Thats handy, quite a few not there though like Tesco, asda etc. Also no CBD

  • numark early preg test????
  • I think tesco are 25miu & CBD early detector is 15-20miu not sure about Asda though.
  • Depending on where you got this list - they majority could be american tests! They have many more out there and also they are different miu's!
  • yes of course never thought of that! probably are from the US.
  • Bumped for Debbie A xxx

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  • I use SURESIGN early detection one step get 1 of these brilliant 10mIU i found out as early as 3wks
  • Hi, I pinched this off another forum:

    Tesco's Own Brand - (25miu)
    - Has been known to register pregnancy up to 5 days early
    Wilikinson Cheap Tests (25 miu)
    - Do not give very strong positive lines
    Sainsbury Own Brand - (25miu)
    - Good test to use if testing early
    Asda Own Brand - (25miu)
    - Known for giving very convincing evaporation lines. if the second line shows around or after 10 mins its quite probably an evap. but sometimes evaps have apeared straight away...if its faint dont trust it !
    - Not very sensitive
    Boot's Own Brand - (25miu)
    - Quite senstive, good test to use quite early.
    Boot's Digital Own Brand - (50miu)
    - Good digital test to test early with
    Superdrugs Own Brand - (25miu)
    - Notorious for giving out evaporation lines
    - Evaporation lines are in colour
    Ebay Cheapies - (10miu)
    - These seem to give the illusion of a positive pregnancy test, when they seem to bring up lighter evap lines.
    - Best for poas addicts as cheap but should be used for guidence, if you think its a bfp get a better test to confirm
    Clear Blue Digital - (50miu)
    - Not very sensitive
    Clear Blue Digital With Conception Indicator - (50miu)
    - Not the best test to use if you are testing early
    - Very reliable when pregnancy result shown
    Clear Blue With Colour Test Strip - (25miu)
    - ?????
    First Response -(25miu)
    - Best test to use if you are testing early.
    - Do not get evaporation lines
    Predictor Tests (?miu)
    - Expensive to buy, but result lasts forever.

    Not sure it's accurate, but it's got a few UK ones on :\)
  • Slightly different info off another forum........

    IC's usually 10 mIU
    One step High sensitivity - 10 mIU
    Superdrug - 10 mIU
    First Response Early Response - 12 miu
    Sainsbury's own - 15 miu
    Boots own brand - 50 mIU
    Asda cheapies - 25mIU
    Clearblue Digital - 50 mIU

  • I'm a bit dim where this is concerned, What does mIU mean? If a test is 25mIU does that mean it is better than one that is 50 mIU??
  • HCG pregnancy tests determine pregnancy through the detection of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in a woman's urine. In technical terms, hCG is a glycoprotein hormone secreted by the developing placenta shortly after a fertilized egg has implanted in the uterine lining.

    Clinically speaking, HCG is measured in thousandths of International Units, or mIU. Pregnancy tests with a sensitivity of 20 mIU/ml are more sensitive than tests with 50 to 100 mIU/ml. Test brands will display how sensitive their tests are using mIU as the standard unit of measure. Test sensitivity equates with early-detection - and the lower the number, the sooner a test can detect pregnancy. The most sensitive pregnancy tests can detect hCG levels at as low as 20 mIU - or at around 8 days following implantation of the egg.
  • ...and there was me thinking IU stood for 'In Urine' lol
  • this is very interesting....bump!

  • Very interesting MrsFozz, thanks for explaining it to me.
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