CD2 :cry: On to month 16 :cry:

Thats it ladys all over feeling so shi* i am a prat i got my hopes and had them smashed :cry:

The witch got me yesterday but i coulnt face coming on here (sorry) Month 16 it is then for us and a sept baby... My birthday is sept sp is my boy (& my brother) :lol: So i am hoping sept is lucky for me x

I am going to hide again today ladys. I dont think i could take a bfp post and i feel so bad that its best if i dont come on (till 2moz image ) God i sound horrid but i am not a horrid person just a person with bump envy that is having a bad day :cry:

:\( :cry: :\( :cry: :\( :cry: :\( :cry:


  • ah babe sorry AF got you :cry: :cry:

    i cant believe that she did!!!! you had such good smytoms!!!

    hope you start feeeling better in a few days sweet and strart getting some PMA back x x

    Sending a (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • aww hun, sending the biggest hugs, really hope you feel better soon.xxxxxxxx
  • Aww hun I am soooo sorry that AF got you image
    Sept will be your lucky month!
  • Sorry she got you Gembags, i'll keep my fingers crossed for September being your lucky month ((((Big Hug)))) xx
  • I'm really sorry to hear this hun. She is a witch. TTC can be so heart breaking. Sending you big hugs and hope you are feeling better soon. xx
  • So sorry Gems. I am on CD3 today, so we can be cycle buddies this month...lets both get our September babies!!!!.x.
  • Ah sweetheart sending you huge hugs! I don't blame you for not coming on here when you feel like that it can be hard so hopefully you are reading this from your email. (((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))
  • sorry to hear Gembags. Sending you warm wishes and hugs
  • Sorry she got you Gembags. Good luck for next month hun x
  • So sorry hun, I thought it was sounding so good for you.

    Take care, and no you're not a horrible person, you're completely the opposite.

    All my hopes are with you for next month.

  • Hey sweet just wanted to see how you are today??

    hope your feeling a bit better and starting to get some PMA back!!!

    I think ill be joining you soon i have been getting cramps yesterday and today so think she is defo on her way :cry: :cry:

    But never mind onwards and upwards :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Morning ladys. Feeling a tiny bit better today but have no PMA and dont feel like i am ever going to be able to do it xx

  • You will do Gem and it'll be all the sweeter when you do.
    Sending lots of PMA-but might want it back next week!LOL!!!
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