I slept in late the first day of my period and pressed the m button on my CBFM at 1030. I know this gives me a window from 0730-1330. Most of the time this would be fine, but i work shifts and every few days i leave home at 0630 and start work at 0700. This includes day 6 - fri - which i understand will be the first day i need to dip my urine! I thought i might have to collect my first wee of the day and use it in the window - but learning how to dip and insert a stick in the CBFM in the only staff toilet with all of them outside will be horrendous. I've only just got married and while i've never said a word they're all obsessed ill be pregnant soon :roll: is there any way to push the window earlier or w:roll:ill the monitor r:roll:efuse to do it? :roll:


  • If you're still on day 1-5 then you can start again and re set your m button at an earlier time. You just hold the m button until the right day number comes up. Check in the instructions for exactly how but you should be able to change the time window.
  • thanks, will try it out in the morning! Thats a relief. was beginning to think i might have to wait till next month x
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