BFN and Then AF half hour later!!!

Hey Girls,

2nd month of ttc and af has arrived, to ad insult to injury i did a test with fmu and BFN and then half hour later AF came ( a day early!!!) so that was a waste of a test!!! any way how is everyone doing this week? xxxxxx

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  • That's happened to me before,it's so frustrating isn't it?!! Good luck for next month.I'm due af on thursday but am going to hold out until sunday to test,well thats the plan anyway!! xx
  • yea i was going to wait till thu cos AF didnt come till 35 days last month, so annoying!!!!! good luck hun try to wait image xxx

  • i did that many a time if it didnt decide to turn up early as well. Fingers crossed for next month, keep up the PMA and sending stacks of babydust.
    Filo x
  • oh no i think thats whats called sods law!!!! Keep up PMA honey!!!! xxxx
  • What a cow she is. Better luck next month.xx
  • im ok thanks filo and lilac, going on hols on 25th so that'll b good cos then wont have such a horrid two week wait!!!

    PMA is ok, just once you know its not a one month thing you start worrying that somethings wrong, i know i need a slap!!! sorry to moan image xxx

  • That's what we're here for!! x
  • oh hun (catey), see i feel awful this'll only b month 3 i dont have the right to moan, i have a LO who is 2 1/2 and so i just hope nothing has happened since to change things.

    Dont give up though Hun i know its shit but as EVERYONE says its quite normal to take a year to conceive. are you able to have 4 c sections??

    Nikr thank you honey i still feel like a winger though!!!! image xxxx

  • oh no how pants is that?? god hope im luckier than that, i seem to struggle to avoid the witch!!
  • Sorry to hear that Twizzle, she's cruel like that! xx
  • thanks Kimdxx and mithical we need to sort this witch out LOL!!!! image xxx

  • Catey - I think its extra hard cos it took so long to convince OH (started badgering him last August!!) we agreed to start trying this August, so if it doesnt happen this month we might aswell have!! shit cant believe it was nearly a year ago!!

    Thats good that the consultant said another c-sec would be fine, and you wouldnt have to have the horrid last few weeks either!!!

    With me LO she wasnt planned i didnt realise it was so hard! I just thought if you dont use protection it happens! I didnt even know that you had to do it at a certain time LOL how embarrasing!!! xxx

    Keep yr PMA up though hun, it'll happen

  • Hi twizzlepie, what a nasty trick for the old hag to play on you! My af will be exactly 7days late tomorrow, tested with FR and got V faint line, CBD was 'not pg' the next day! I was going to test tomorrow again with FR, but I have a heavy feeling in abdo and achy cramps. So Im not sure now what to do. May wait until later in the week as would be VERY annoyed if I tested neg and then af showed up! Talk abou double whammy!

    Best of luck for next month hun xx
  • sam here love. bought some, thinking ooo im late and hve come on about an hour ago. unlike u i didnt take the test x x x x x
  • oh hun i'm sorry to hear that. wishing you lots of babydust and pma this month xx
  • A CD1 buddy! The bitch found me today too image

    Sorry she found you - but keep up your PMA honey - maybe it will happen for us together xx

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  • I'm thinking of hiring a hitman for the evil old witch, anyone want in?? lol
    Filo x
  • yes please filobabe! I want to do that today lol xx
  • Thanks girls you are all so sweet image babybump4 - are you going to test today, fingers crossed honey, we need more BFPs!!! xxxxxxx
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