Possible Implementation bleeding? Expected to drink at NY?!

Hi All,

Has anyone tested after implementation bleeding and got a positive? Or is it too early?

I've been nauseous and sore boob (not ies just one very sore one!) since boxing day.

Just got home today and have some spotting, a week before my period is due exactly.

Now that's fine except tomorrow is new year and we are going to see Hubby family of Xmas, SIL boyfriend isn't happy unless everybody is drunk and caused one of the only two hangovers I have ever had! Then we are having NY number 2 with our Friends then next day another Christmas Lunch again with expectation to drink!

So basically I am worried that if I can drink are not, tomorrow I was going to take a pregnancy test to see to be sure it was negative so I could drink with a clear conscience as I didn't think there was any chance I could be this month (We didn't try very hard at all this month)

Hubby ideally wants me to drink over new year, as he doesn't want anyone thinking I am pregnant or wanting anyone to know we are even trying. He is worried that somebody will guess and then if we don't get pregnant for another year or so it will be a lot more pressure etc.

I have read conflicting research that states V.BAD to drink in the two weeks after trying, and another that stated that alcohol has a proven effect to help beans to stick! Couldn't find supporting evidence for ether so I don't know wether to take the risk or not?

I also think that if I test now it won't show up anything because it'' be too early even with a first response. I don't really want to drink that much anyway due to the sick feeling and I've never been one to give into peer pressure.

I'm just not sure what to do any any help or opinion would be appreciated.

Thank you

.....and a Happy New Year to you all!


  • hope it is your implantation bleed
    perhaps you should try to keep drinking to a minimum if you can't avoid it, just keep sipping the same glass of wine for example or make something that looks like a cocktail but has no alcohol

    have a happy new year
  • hi hun, sounding good. will it be busy where you are. could you keep "losing your glass" or pouring it away when no one is looking. or as shuck says try drinking a drink that looks the same without alcohol.xxx
  • hi hun, sounding good. will it be busy where you are. could you keep "losing your glass" or pouring it away when no one is looking. or as shuck says try drinking a drink that looks the same without alcohol.xxx
  • SIL Boyfriend is my major concern as he wants a little cousin from us for his little boy ASAP! Sadly he is also a drink topper uper so to speak and last time sat next to me literally replacing every sip of wine I had drank until I had gone through a bottle and a half of rose myself!
    The two other nights I think I can get away with a little lemonade and acting a little drunk as it doesn't take much usually anyway image

    Hopefully I can get a BFP tomorrow and Hubby has agreed I can make up an excuse if it is.

    Fingers crossed but I don't think I'll get anything if I am.

    Good Luck to you Angel, Any Update for you yet?
  • keeping everything crossed for you hun. afraid it not looking good for me this month. symptoms feel very much like af now so just trying to build my pma for next monthxxx
  • Stupid Aunt Flo, well I sincerely hope this is her last visit to you.

    I will keep you updated, but feeling quite like you and more expecting my one visit rather then a BFP.

  • The dr told me something that hit me hard at my last appt.'If you serious about having a baby you will stop drinking all together'. Its a personal choice, i decided to stay away from it.
  • I've already given up Caffeine, and making my way onto sugar for the good of any future babies, I haven't drank since my last night out since august on my Hen do! I didn't even sip champagne on my Wedding day (we hadn't even started trying then) I'm not that big on drinking anyway,

    I'm more concerned with the immense peer pressure to drink on New Years eve, when NOBODY knows you are trying. If Hubby was happy to discuss it with others, I'd simply say "No thank you, we're trying for a lo at the moment"

    I've discussed it with him last night and we are going to say I am ill (there is something going around at the moment anyway) but he'd still like me to drink at little which I'm not comfortable with doing. I've explained that I can't even stomach the thought of drinking lemonade this morning, never made a glass of rose wine.

    He's said he'll tell SIL boyfriend to leave me be as I'm worried they will guess we are trying, which will get ME in the dog house from hubby to be as he is very private person and is very against the world knowing until after the 12 weeks stage is confirmed incase something untoward happens.

    Feel so sick this morning, and bleeding (sorry if TMI) is still there but not even a scratch on AF usual appearances (plus I'm usually late not early, I've never been early) still don't think I am pregnant but don't think it will show in an test for at least a week now. Test this morning was BFN which was expected.

    I'm off for New Year now, wish me luck in avoiding all those well wishers forcing drinks on me!
    Happy New Year.
  • Tell them you are on antibiotics. That usually works.
  • I hope you get your bfp image

    I would say that you are taking antibitoics and therefore cant drink. Dont sit near your sil bf and maybe get your oh tog et your drinks!

    The other option is not to go and say you are feeling really sick as there is a stomch bug (sicknees and diahhorea) going round. Inform your hubby fo the importance of not drinking during pregnancy. I would suggest not telling anyone to keep off you as it makes it more obvious than not. Just let oh do your drinks for you, alternatively get him to drink your drink for you and then top yours up with a non alcoholic drink.

    We had a cocktail gathering arranged before I realised i was pg with our lo. My oh did the cocktails and he mixed some juices in mine and my sister tasted it and was like that really nice. So he did hers and put some alcohol in it and just said he made hers slightly stronger whish was why it tasted slightly different lol!

    Hope it goes well.
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